US State Department Strongly Criticizes Georgian Bill on Foreign Agents

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The representative of the US State Department, Ned Price, sharply criticized the bill on the so-called foreign agents, submitted to the Georgian Parliament by the People's Power movement.

The adoption of the document 'will create a potential threat to the Euro-Atlantic integration of Georgia,' according to Washington.

Ned Price has expressed serious concerns about a bill submitted to the Georgian Parliament, citing the potential consequences for freedom of speech and democracy in Georgia. The US has shared these concerns with the Georgian government, stating that the proposed law would stigmatize and silence the independent voices of Georgian citizens who seek a better future for their society.

Price further stated that the bill is not based on the FARA Foreign Agents Registration Act, contrary to claims, but rather seems to be modelled after similar legislation in Russia and Hungary, and not any American legislation. The US believes that such a law could pose a potential threat to Georgia's Euro-Atlantic integration.

According to OC Media, the draft law would affect any broadcaster, newspaper, or Georgian-language online media platform operating in the country, as well as any non-governmental organization registered in Georgia. Any organization that receives over 20% of its income from a 'foreign power' would be required to register on a 'Foreign Influence Agents Registry' or face fines of up to ₾25,000 ($9,400).



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