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30 Years Ago: A Meeting on the Kodor Bridge and Two Liters of Ingur Water, by Vitaly Sharia
Teenagers in the Patriotic War of the Abkhazian People, by Indira Bartsits
Battles and Scalpels: Surgeon Valeriy Avidzba's Journey Through War
Bravery in Trenches: Khuta Kurt-Ogly's Valiant Contribution to Abkhazia's Patriotic War
"Georgia for the Georgians": The Evolution of a Nationalistic Slogan
"About two thousand are listed as missing from the war"
The Triumph of Abkhazian Diplomacy: Marking 30 Years since the Tripartite Agreement in Sochi
The Tamysh Landing Was Entirely Voluntary
"Shevardnadze Would Call Me at Home"
JAM NEWS: Interview with Paata Zakareishvili on Georgian-Abkhazian Conflict & Negotiations (Video)
The Brotherhood of Warriors: Abkhazia's Volunteer Heroes and the Chechen "Wolf Pack"
Ruslan Khashig: "The Statements of Koba Kobaladze are Absolute Lies"
Buried alive: What Happened in the Village of Yered, South Ossetia on March 18, 1991
Visiting Hell: How Relatives Identified the Dead in the March Offensive
Lost Battles: January and March 1993, by Anastasia Shesterinina 
On the Other Side of Gumista: The Harsh Lessons of the March Offensive
Andrej Sakharov’s ‘Mini-empires’ and the Inevitable, by George Hewitt
First, an agreement on the non-use of force, then joint activities
30th Anniversary of the January 1993 Offensive for the Liberation of Sukhum
"Silicon Man": in memory of Mushni Khvartskia
Georgian Brutality and Local Support | 'Mobilizing in Uncertainty', by Anastasia Shesterinina
The worst of days: 30 years on from the Lata tragedy, by Alexej Lomia
The murder of Alexei Kogoniya by Georgian Nationalists on 16 July 1989
Tengiz Kitovani: "they [Russians] officially gave us the 108 tanks of the Akhaltsikhe Division"
Russian Officer Views Abkhaz Conflict (27 April 1993) | FBIS Report
Thirty Years of Peace-negotiations, by Charlotte Hille
Estonian Orientalist Linnart Mäll and his role in activities of the UNPO during the Georgian-Abkhazian Conflict, by Aivar Jürgenson
Volunteer-movement and the Circassian factor during the Patriotic War of the people of Abkhazia in 1992-1993 – historical and political significance, by Aslanbek Mirzoev
On the eve of the Victory: the meeting of the Western and Eastern fronts on the Kodor bridge
How there was an attempt to stop the Georgian-Abkhazian war in Moscow’s 'President Hotel'?
14 August 1997, Vladislav Ardzinba - in Tbilisi. How did this come about?
“This day was very sad - 14 August 1992, when the war began.”
It's necessary to find a way out! (Letter of 37 | 1997)
"The Key to the Future" | Georgian-Abkhazian Conflict
Peace is for Abkhazia, war is for Ukraine?
Georgia-Abkhazia Conflict: View from Abkhazia, by Liana Kvarchelia
A "Scorpion" for the desperate: veteran Otar Gogua on the Patriotic War of the people of Abkhazia
The TV Debate Program on Georgian - Abkhaz Conflict | Moscow, October 17, 1992
War and Secession: A Moral Analysis of the Georgian-Abkhaz Conflict, by Bruno Coppieters
Changes on the Western Front: how Gagra was liberated
Wikileaks: Caucasus Experts Presage Causes and Consequences of Recognizing South Ossetia and Abkhazia
Georgian-Abkhaz War | FBIS Reports (Aug-Oct. 1992)
Zviad Gamsakhurdia: “Abkhaz Nation Doesn’t Exist!”
In Defence of the Homeland: Intellectuals and the Georgian-Abkhazian Conflict, by Bruno Coppieters
Musa Shanibov addressing Abkhazians and Circassians (Abkhazia, 26 August 1989)
Nation-building in the Post-Soviet Borderlands: The Georgian-Abkhazian confrontation
War in the Caucasus? by Richard Clogg (1992)
Mediators for Transcaucasia's Conflicts, by Elizabeth Fuller (1993)
How nations united: Formation of the Confederation of Caucasian Peoples
The conflict in and over Abkhazia, by Sergey Markedonov



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