Historic Linden Tree Shows Promise of Recovery

SUKHUM / AQW'A — The Chairman of the State Committee for Ecology of Abkhazia, Saveliy Chitanava, has expressed optimism about the health of a historic lime tree which recently fell victim to chainsaw damage.

"I am confident that no further harm will befall the tree," Chitanava reassured. "We continue to monitor its condition and the second phase of its treatment, which involves a specialized Chinese medicinal preparation administered through drip irrigation, is not yet completed. We expect this process to take about 2-3 more weeks."

The one-and-a-half-century-old tree, located on the historic field of Lykhnashta, was tragically damaged on the evening of April 5th. The event has galvanized the local community; the leadership and residents of the village of Lykhny, along with the forest rangers of the Ritsa National Park, are keeping a close eye on the tree's recovery and regularly updating the Committee on Ecology regarding the progress.

In connection with the illegal felling, two Abkhazian citizens, Irakliy and Daur Bagatelia, were detained. The State Security Service of the republic has dismissed any allegations of involvement by other individuals. The criminal case against Irakliy Bagatelia is slated for review by the Gudauta District Court.

In a united effort to restore the damaged lime tree, a special preparation developed by the Agricultural Research Institute in Beijing was delivered to the village of Lykhny on April 19th. Local ecologists, working in collaboration with Chinese residents in Abkhazia, treated the tree trunk with a special disinfectant solution. This was followed by the installation of a drip irrigation system loaded with the foreign preparation. In total, 30 packets of the medicine were used, providing enough treatment for one week.

Lykhnashta is an important location in Abkhazian history, having hosted national gatherings and continuing to hold various sports and cultural events.




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