Sukhum Court Annuls City Assembly Decisions Pertaining to Capital Construction

Sukhum, the capital city of Abkhazia.

Sukhum, the capital city of Abkhazia.

SUKHUM / AQW'A ―  The Sukhum City Court has rendered two decisions of the City Assembly from November 12, 2009, concerning capital construction, as null and void, according to an official statement from the court's press service.

In detail, Decision No. 126, which had put a halt to the issuance of permits for capital construction projects along the Sukhum embankment - spanning from the cargo port to the Red Bridge and extending from the sea to Imam Shamil Street, Lakoba Street, and Mira Avenue - was invalidated by the court. Additionally, Decision No. 127, which had imposed a height restriction of 16 meters for constructions in the aforementioned area, was also annulled.

This development comes at a time when the issue of high-rise construction in Sukhum has once again come to the forefront. In February of this year, local activists raised concerns over a multi-story building being erected on Kogonia Street, in close proximity to the Russian embassy. The building, noticeably towering over its surroundings, is perceived by many as detrimental to the historical charm and appeal of the embankment area.

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The activists referenced the now-annulled Decision No. 126, which stipulated that until the city’s master plan was approved, the Sukhum administration was required to suspend the issuance of permits for capital construction projects, including those along the shoreline and in areas with historical and cultural heritage sites. The decision had set a height limit of 16 meters for such constructions.

Reacting to the City Assembly’s decision, the Sukhum administration deemed it unlawful and subsequently filed an appeal in court.

It is important to note that parties involved have the option to challenge the Sukhum City Court’s ruling at the Supreme Court’s Cassation Panel for administrative cases within a 20-day window from the date of the judgment.




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