B. Tabagua: Essentially Everything is Ready for Conducting the Parliamentary Elections

SUKHUM -- Essentially everything is almost ready for conducting the elections to the People's Assembly – the Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia.

This information was given in an interview with Abaza TV by Chairman of the Central Election Commission (CEC), Batal Tabagua. According to him, the regional and district election commissions have worked on the electronic database of voters provided by the CEC. During the 10 days before voting day, 29 February, lists will be posted at the polling stations. Each voter will be able to visit their station and see whether or not they are entered on the list, and whether their data are correct.

As the head of the CEC stated, Parliament and the Government are busy with issuing invitations to international observers. "We already know that many of those to whose lot it fell to observe the previous elections in Abkhazia, have expressed their desire to come for these parliamentary elections too," said Tabagua.

As for observers from the candidates, over the course of a week appropriate seminars will be held with them, since some are well acquainted with the election laws, and some are encountering them for the first time.

On election day, he said, as in previous elections, the Press-Centre of the CEC of the Repubic of Abkhazia will be operating in Sukhum.
"Parliamentary Elections 2012".

Source: Apsny Press




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