Abkhazia Bans Nicotine Product Advertising

Tatyana Gulia

Tatyana Gulia.

SUKHUM / AQW'A —  Effective January 1, 2024, Abkhazia has enforced a prohibition on advertising for nicotine-containing products and the trademarks of companies producing tobacco products. This development follows a legislative amendment to the advertising law, enacted by the Parliament in December 2023.

Reflecting global health concerns, the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, effective from February 27, 2005, obligates the 168 signatory countries to ban tobacco advertising, subject to constitutional limitations. This international treaty exemplifies the growing consensus against tobacco promotion, a stance echoed in Abkhazia's recent legislation.

Moreover, many countries are adopting stringent packaging requirements for tobacco products. In the European Union, Türkiye, Australia, Iran, and South Africa, cigarette packages must conspicuously display health risks associated with smoking. Additionally, countries like Canada, Australia, Thailand, Iceland, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil, and several EU nations mandate graphic warning labels on cigarette packs to highlight smoking's adverse health effects. 

In Abkhazia, the amended Advertising Law, detailed in Section 2.1 of Article 16, bans advertising of tobacco and nicotine-containing products and related trademarks. The law also introduces stringent penalties for violations, as outlined in Article 1651 of the Administrative Offences Code, with fines for individuals, officials, and legal entities.

Sukhum's administration has warned that violations of this advertising law will result in legal action and the dismantling of non-compliant advertising structures. This move by Abkhazia signifies a firm commitment to public health and aligns with the global trend towards stricter tobacco control.




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