Prime Minister held working meeting on construction work in the republic

SUKHUM -- A Thursday, December 17 working meeting chaired by PM Alexander Ankvab was dedicated to construction work in the republic. The meeting was also attended by heads of the capital construction department of the Republic of Abkhazia, construction departments and a number of construction firms.

In particular it was a question of major repairs in the Republican hospital, the State Museum, Abkhaz and Russian state theatres, Recreation centers in the cities of Ochamchira and Gal, in kindergartens in Pitsunda, Tkuarchal and Gal, the Ochamchira boarding school and sports school, the Gal music school. The questions of repair of many-storied houses roof in all districts and the city of Sukhum, as well as the Abkhaz State University roof were also discussed at the meeting.

According to the "Apsnyrgylara" state-owned company construction department-1 chief Vadim Ladaria, finishing work - painting of walls and ceilings has already started in the Republican hospital. Work in "A" and “B” blocks is underway. A conference hall has been built on above the three-storied “B” block. According to him, a fence around the building is being erected simultaneously.

Internal wiring of water supply, sewage, heating systems, and extraction ventilation is finished in “A” block. Work on power supply, communications, and alarm system has started. Finishing work in “A” block will also start after doors installation. Within two days the facade will be painted completely.
Ladaria said, in all from the beginning of reconstruction in the building of the Republican hospital since February 2008 72 million rubles have been spent on all kinds of work.

In turn Alexander Ankvab emphasized that repair materials of high-quality are used for the hospital. “Very good specialists work here”, he said. The Government head drew special attention to the necessity to install a reliable fire alarm system and CCTV.

Speaking about construction work in the Abkhaz state museum, the "Sukhumstroy” head Ruslan Tvanba said that the third storey had been built on, at that the facade hadn’t been affected since the building represented a historical and architectural value, stucco work inside the building and on the facade from the direction of Leon Street was underway.

The Abkhaz state museum is being covered with special English metal tile with life time up to 50 years (the Abkhaz State drama theatre and the “Apsny” Recreation center are covered with the same tile). According to Tvanba, large-scale work has been also done in the museum’s basement– it has been filled up with lumber and concreted. The water supply system will be built there. Here, as well as in the neighboring Abkhaz State philharmonic society, water tanks will be installed.

According to the Prime Minister, a good fire alarm system and CCTV must be also installed in the museum; all engineering capabilities for their full-fledged work must be created. Thus the Government head asked builders and repairers to take all wishes of the State museum management into consideration.

Thereupon the “Sukhumstroy” head said that builders met with museum’s employees almost daily and no conflict situations arose. As to the fire alarm system and CCTV, according to him, a large Russian firm will be engaged in it.

The roof of the Abkhaz and Russian drama theatres has been also replaced. Only pipes installation will take 18, 5 million rubles. 23 people work there. Work will be finished by February.

“The Abkhaz theatre is a very complicated project. Very labor-consuming and expensive work is necessary here. Up to 300 million rubles are necessary by estimate. The Russian theatre has its own problems, but we will be solving all the repair problems stage by stage”, Ankvab said. “After sanitary engineering work you must start window blocks installation. Since it is a question of theatres, it will be better to install wooden windows. Though expensive, we will purchase them directly from the best Swedish, Finnish and Italian firms”.

Ruslan Tvanba said that major repairs of 5 000 sq. m of the Abkhaz State University roof (a total area of ASU roof - 9 200 sq. m.) had been done. As to bathroom equipment, it should be replaced completely. All window blocks also need to be changed.

According to Ruslan Tvanba, about 20 million rubles have been spent on the repair of Lenin’s city park opened on the Constitution Day – November 26.

According to Alexander Ankvab, the same repair should be done in the park on the Muhajirs Quay near the theatre where a monument to Bagrat Shinkuba will be installed. “We should return this once favorite place to our townspeople”, Ankvab believes.

Thereupon Ruslan Tvanba said that according to the estimate, it will take 17 million rubles to repair this park.




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