Psou, white semi-sweet


«Psou» is the wine named in honour of the frontier-river Psou, which flows along border between Abkhazia and Russia. To obtain the unique bouquet of "Psou" a blend of three grades of grapes (Riesling, Rkatsiteli and Tsolikauri) is used. The result is a unique drink with a prevailing flower-tone in its taste.

Grape varietals: Riesling, Rkatsiteli and Tsolikauri

Aroma: Gentle, fresh

Taste: Delicate, with saturated flower tones

Sugar content: 35-45 g/ dm3

Serving temperature: + 8-10°С

ProducerWines and Beverages of Abkhazia

Type Quit
Color White
Sugar Semi-sweet
Alcohol 10°
Volume 0,75



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