Abkhazian Drinks C°

Abkhazian Drinks C° is a young enterprise that was established in 2010.

The enterprise was created from scratch and its facilities constructed with the most modern production corresponding to the highest requirements available. The company offers an assortment of drinks such as beer, lemonade, water and spirits, such as sparkling wine and Abkhazian chacha. The search for and the production of new drinks for their clients is a constant at the enterprise.

Abkhazian Drinks C°

Alahadzykh village, Gagra, The Republic of Abkhazia
Tel. +7 (499) 685-15-21 Secretary - ext. 1111 Consultation - ext. 1104
Head of Sales - ext. 1102 (Dealer)

Alex Avidzba +7-940-925-06-78 (traditional retail)
Michael Hachev +7-940-992-07-12 (traditional retail)
Alina Kobakhia +7-940-927-09-20 (large wholesale )

Diana Chediya +7-940-965-36-26 

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