Konstantin Chengelia: Abkhazian Composer (1931-2019)

Konstantin Chengelia (1931-2019) was a Soviet and Abkhaz composer.

Konstantin Chengelia (born March 27, 1931 in Kaldahuara, Gudauta - died May 22, 2019 in Sukhum) was a Soviet and Abkhazian composer, holder of the Order "Akhdz-Apsha" III degree, People's Artist of the Republic of Abkhazia. He was also a veteran of the Patriotic War of the people of Abkhazia in 1992-1993 and chairman of the Union of Composers of Abkhazia. He organized the work of the vocal-instrumental ensembles "Ritsa" and "Yertsahu".

Efrem Eshba: revolutionary and fighter for the idea of Abkhazian statehood

Efrem Eshba (19 March 1893 – 16 April, 1939) was an Abkhaz and Soviet statesman.

In March 2021, Abkhazia celebrated the 100th anniversary of Sovietisation. The statesman and politician Efrem Eshba was an active participant in the revolutionary movement in Russia and Abkhazia. Today, 128 years have passed since his birth.

State and political figure Efrem Eshba studied at the law faculty of Moscow University. In the history of Abkhazia, his name is associated with the struggle for the independent existence of the republic and the establishment of Soviet power in Abkhazia.



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