Proposal made to change situations on roads

Today the Minister of Internal Affairs Raul Lolua made a proposal to change the situation on the roads. "Statistics show that most accidents participants are young people, age not over 21 years", - said the Minister.

Raul Lolua, in particular, said: "The Ministry of Interior overdue changes and rule of law need to be revised". Frequent traffic accidents have become a pretext for sending proposals to the President to tighten traffic rules. 

The Minister of Internal Affairs offers: 

1. to enter the graduated driving license.

1.1. Limit the age for receiving a driver's license to 20 years

1.2. To phase out access to the vehicles for inexperienced drivers (experience not less than 2 years). Prohibition of driving at night. Ban transportation of more than 1 passenger.

2. Create a commission of experts to monitor and analyze incidents to make timely decisions to correct problem areas affecting road safety.

2.1 Analysis of road sections, where most accidents happen.

2.2. Analysis of violations that lead to abnormal outcome.

2.3. Monitoring and analysis of the presence of problematic areas of road infrastructure (bad review, improperly installed signs, no mirrors, no signs of technical means of traffic control, and so on).

3. Limit the speed limit between the cities up to 90 km / h

4. Set the speed limits in areas with dense pedestrian traffic up to 30 km / h in the city and 50 km / h.

5. Introduce a system of penalty points (count strand. Bunks. And incidents), which aims at stimulating the drivers who violate oftenly.

6. Enter a progressive tax on engine size.

7. Enter the strict supervision of the driving a car without the state license registration plate and the installation it to a fine-parking.

8. Enter the strict supervision of the driving a car without the use of seat belts.

9. Extend the training in driving schools.

10. For the period of probation the driver to limit the right to control the car with a powerful engine.

11. Set on the most dangerous sections of artificial obstacle.

12. Cancel privilege identity of all services (make changes and additions to the law "On status of servicemen", "On Prosecutor's Office"), which will serve as an example of a positive impact on the minds of drivers.

13. Set across the road camera photo and video fixation.

14. Tighten and take control of the training and the issuance of a driver's license.

15. Tighten check technical condition of the vehicle over 5 years.

16. Use public service announcements to promote compliance with the rules of the road.

17. To approve the rules of detention of the vehicle to the car pound.

Enter in the educational institutions of the country the rules of safe behavior on the roads.

Create a single database of violations.

Together with the Ministry of Energy, Transport and Communications follow the road infrastructure.




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