New Discoveries in Anakopia Fortress

Anakopia Fortress

Anakopia was the capital of the Abkhazian Kingdom and the ancient residence of the legendary Abkhazian Prince Leon.

On the territory of the fortress Anakopia were ended the GPR studies by engineering and surveying company "EkoGeoProekt" together with the National historical and cultural reserve "Anakopiya" of New Athos. According to the researchers, the results can be sensational.

The reason for cooperation were the archaeological work started in reserve in July 2014. So in the course of archaeological excavation expedition AN-14 appeared conjecture about the existence of underground utilities, to explore and profit it came the experts of the "EkoGeoProekt".

On the territory of Anakopia fortress for two days were made 12 profiles with GPR "Loza-In" 100 MHz with total length of 385.1 m. and seven profiles with GPR "Loza-In" 100 MHz with a total length of 23.1 m. However, contrary to the hopes of specialists in the area of excavation underground utilities were not detected. At the same time the survey terraces in front of the citadel was given information that can be interpreted as a man-made underground structures. On several terraces adjacent to the citadel from the southwest was traced interesting phenomenon. The upper three adjacent natural fault decompressed highly organized cavity, which may be elements of the course. With an average cavity may in combination with two-reaching downwards cavities interpreted as a well to a depth of 10 meters.

"The experience of cooperation with the company" EkoGeoProekt "indicates that the GPR survey allows to quickly localize the area of further archaeological studies, to focus efforts on the more important areas that could eventually reduce the time and cost to produce important scientific discoveries, - said Alkhas Argun, Director of the national historical and Cultural Reserve "Anakopiya". We assumed that near the citadel was supposed to be a source of drinking water, equipped man, preferred burial and subsequent pre-Christian times, as Anakopiya considered a major strengthening of Abazgs since Roman times. GPR survey results localize the objects that require archaeological study. We hope that soon we will be able to raise funds for additional archaeological work, which, no doubt, will have an outstanding value for the national and world history".

According to Inna Barchan, head of the group of the company "EkoGeoProekt" GPR indispensable where you can not violate the integrity of the study environment and where high accuracy of the information. As a result of research and processing of GPR data objects Anakopia fortress found most interesting in terms of the archaeological area of soil, which can be regarded as fragments of the underground passage, wells and vaults containing metal objects. "Now, a word after the archeologists", - concluded Inna Barchan.




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