Ardzinba and Dzapshba campaign-headquarters have resumed work

Abkhazia Elections 2020

Repeated presidential elections in Abkhazia will be held on March 22

SUKHUM -- The headquarters of the candidates for the presidency of Abkhazia, Adgur Ardzinba and Leonid Dzapshba, have resumed their work, suspended after the deterioration of the health of the third applicant for the highest state-post - Aslan Bzhania.

"All our headquarters are fully up and running from today," said Dzapshba.

He also commented on his proposal to postpone the presidential election for a month in connection with Bzhania’s hospitalisation. According to Dzapshba, such a possibility exists, since a precedent was already set back in July 2019, when the elections were postponed to August.

The headquarters of presidential candidate Adgur Ardzinba also resumed its work.

"Due to the fact that the state of health of the candidate for the presidency of Abkhazia Aslan Bzhania is improving, the election-headquarters of the candidate for president of Abkhazia, Adgur Ardzinba, continues its work. Meetings with voters are not planned as yet, but they will resume in the coming days," the press-service of Ardzinba’s HQ said.

On Monday 2 March Aslan Bzhania was hospitalised in Sochi and transported by helicopter-ambulance to the Krasnodar hospital. There he is still undergoing an intensive course of treatment. The politician exhibited bilateral polysegmental pneumonia.

Due to the deterioration in the health of their opponent, Ardzinba and Dzapshba decided on 2 March to suspend the work of their election HQs. 




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