Aslan Bzhania has met with Mussa Ekzekov, Chairman of the World Abaza Congress

SUKHUM / AQW'A -- The President of Abkhazia Aslan Bzhania met with the Chairman of the World Abaza Congress Mussa Ekzekov on Wednesday 24 March.

The main agenda was that the World Abaza Congress will be implemented in the Republic, plus further projects were discussed.

After the meeting, the Chairman spoke about the issues he had discussed with the head of state.

"We talked about the opportunities that the World Abaza Congress has in Abkhazia, talked about the projects that we are implementing today, how we can jointly use the potential and expand opportunities. There is full understanding and great interest," he said.

Ekzekov also said that he agreed with the President to hold a joint meeting with the team of the World Abaza Congress.

“I suggested that each head of the department should disclose in great detail what and how we are doing, for whom and about the plans that lie ahead,” he said.

Mussa Ekzekov added that the World Abkhaz-Abaza Congress alongside the leadership of the Republic will continue to work together, aiming to improve the lives of people in Abkhazia.





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