Public Council Formed to Oppose Legislation on Apartment Sales to Foreigners in Abkhazia

The ban on selling residential properties to foreigners is a hotly debated and recurring topic in public discussions.

The ban on selling residential properties to foreigners is a hotly debated and recurring topic in public discussions.

SUKHUM / AQW'A ―  The Public Council of the Headquarters for Countering the Adoption of the Law on the Sale of Apartments to Foreign Citizens held its inaugural meeting today.

The Council, comprising seven distinguished representatives from various spheres, will work on multiple fronts to counter the proposed legislation.

The Council members include:

  • Levan Mika, Chairman of the Committee for the Protection of the Sovereignty of Abkhazia and a national hero;
  • Batal Dzhapua, a renowned artist and recipient of the Order of Leon;
  • Lasha Zukhba, a veteran of the national liberation movement and also a recipient of the Order of Leon;
  • Erkan Kutarba, a repatriate from Turkey honored with the Order of Leon;
  • Tengiz Dzhopua, an esteemed public figure and member of the Civic Chamber;
  • Irakli Bzhinava, an academic with a background in Juridical Sciences;
  • Said Gezerdava, a legal expert.

The council members deliberated on a strategic plan for their activities. They will focus on information dissemination, engage in dialogues with deputies, conduct meetings with the public across various cities and districts, and interact with the youth.

Additionally, the council plans to reach out to Abkhazian television networks for airtime to conduct debates and further discussions on the matter.

A press conference is scheduled for July 3rd in Sukhum, at 12:00 pm, where members of the Public Council will share insights and updates.

The formation of this council was announced on June 21st following President Aslan Bzhania’s submission of a package of bills concerning the sale of apartments to the Parliament.

The government is considering opening its doors to foreign investment in the residential property sector. Previously, the region had strict regulations that prohibited foreign nationals from owning residential properties. However, with the proposed “Apartment Law,” this barrier could be overcome. There is a notable amount of skepticism and concern within the republic regarding this development, with many citizens viewing it as a potential risk to their community and national interests.

The prohibition on selling residential properties to foreign nationals is a contentious and recurrent topic in public discourse. The underlying rationale for this ban is rooted in concerns among the Abkhazian population about the possibility of becoming a minority in their own land. This demographic shift is perceived as having the potential to lead to a loss of sovereignty for the republic, and consequently, is regarded with apprehension and trepidation.




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