Commemorating Heroes: Tamysh Naval Landing's 30th Anniversary Celebrated with Exhibition and Memorial Evening

Tamysh Naval Landing's 30th Anniversary Celebrated with Exhibition and Memorial Evening

Exhibition in Sukhum Highlights the Strategic Significance of the Tamysh Naval Landing.

SUKHUM / AQW'A —  On Wednesday, July 5th, a poignant exhibition and memorial evening were held at the "Guma" cultural and business centre in Sukhum, marking the 30th anniversary of the Tamysh Naval Landing. The event brought together a diverse group, including the younger generation and veterans of the war, and showcased a rich collection of photographs and video footage that brought to life the historic events of three decades ago.

The memorial was orchestrated by the enthusiastic members of the youth movement "Ҳараҳпицунда," in partnership with the State Committee of the Republic of Abkhazia for Youth Affairs and Sports, and the Department for Youth Affairs and Sports of the Sukhum City Administration.

The evening began with an emotive segment where veterans who had participated in the Tamysh landing took the audience back in time as they shared their personal recollections. One such veteran, Zahit Liguashe [a Circassian from Uzunyayla, Kayseri, Turkey -ed.], who had repatriated from Turkey to join the forces, painted a vivid picture of the challenging circumstances the soldiers faced. Liguashe highlighted the difficulty he personally experienced due to the language barrier and shared that the soldiers were aware of the peril they faced as they were told there would be no way back.

Zahit Liguashe proudly recounted that 27 individuals had arrived from Turkey, including Circassians, Abkhazians, Abaza, and Ubykh, and every single one of them joined the cause without hesitation. He described the intensity of the battle on the first day and how he quickly learned three Abkhaz words that related to combat and injury. Liguashe also paid homage to a fellow soldier, Yusuf Akudzhba, who made the ultimate sacrifice with his life on that fateful day, and expressed gratitude to Lakuta Zarandiya for his exemplary leadership which ensured minimal losses for their side.

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As the memorial event marking the 30th anniversary of the Tamysh Naval Landing came to an end, Arsou Huapshyhu, one of the dedicated organizers, spoke with Apsnypress correspondent to share the significance of commemorating this turning point in Abkhazian history.

“This year holds a special place in our hearts as we mark three decades since our Victory in the Patriotic War,” said Huapshyhu. “The Tamysh Naval Landing was a pivotal military operation during the war. While such events are usually commemorated in Tamysh, we believed it to be imperative for the youth in Sukhum and our guests to delve into this historical chapter. The landing played a key role, which might not be widely recognized.”

Huapshyhu, along with other members of the youth movement “Ҳараҳпицунда,” chose to host the exhibition in Sukhum to make the history accessible to a broader audience. They received invaluable support from the State Committee for Youth Affairs and Sports, the Department for Youth Affairs and Sports of the capital's administration, and the cultural and business platform "Guma."

What made the event particularly heartwarming was the presence of war veterans who enriched the gathering with their firsthand accounts. Huapshyhu remarked, “There is a sense of unity that binds the youth and the older generation, as well as representatives from different public organisations. This event and the Victory are what unite us.”

On July 2, 1993, the Tamysh Naval Landing proved to be a masterstroke in military strategy. As Georgian forces sought to strengthen their position in Sukhum, an elite naval force comprising up to 300 men was deployed to Tamysh. Their objective was to secure a critical section of the Ochamchira-Sukhum transport highway and engage in combat alongside the defenders of Tkuarchal, a city that had been under siege for over ten months.

Executing a covert landing without any casualties, these forces merged with the Eastern Front. For a week, they held control over the strategic highway, repelling attacks from a well-armed enemy comprising motorised rifle battalions, tank brigades, and artillery divisions. The operation saw the destruction of significant enemy assets, and the Abkhazian forces captured various equipment as trophies.

This campaign was instrumental in shaping the outcome of the war, highlighting the valour and resolve of the Abkhazian forces. However, the victory was not without sacrifice - 57 brave soldiers lost their lives, and 153 were wounded in the operation.

The exhibition and memorial evening served as a reminder of the sacrifices and the indomitable spirit that paved the way for victory. It also exemplified the importance of remembering and learning from history, as it bridges the past with the present and future generations.

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