Dmitry Marshan: "The issue of citizenship directly affects our security"

The amendments to the law were approved by the Parliament on May 31.

The amendments to the law were approved by the Parliament on May 31.

SUKHUM / AQW'A ― "The issue of citizenship is directly linked to our security," says Dmitry Marshan, a member of the Abkhazian Parliament. In an interview with Nizfa Arshba from Aishara Media Portal, Marshan discussed the amendments to the "Law on Citizenship," which were recently approved in the first reading by Parliament.
The new legislation includes significant changes. One key amendment is the extension of the residency requirement for citizenship from 10 years to 25 years. However, this change does not apply to those who have lived in Abkhazia since October 12 October 1999 (the day of the declaration of independence of Abkhazia -ed.).
The law also includes ethnic Circassians. For Circassians, the residency requirement will remain at 10 years.
The amendments also mandate that the citizenship oath be taken in a formal ceremony in both Abkhaz and Russian languages.
A new quota system will allow for a maximum of 30 individuals per year to receive expedited citizenship. This applies to those with special merits to Abkhazia or humanity, or those with professions or qualifications valuable to the republic.
The amendments also expand the list of grounds for rejecting applications for citizenship acquisition or restoration. Applications will be rejected if submitted by individuals who planned, prepared, or initiated war against Abkhazia, or who were part of armed groups, military police, law enforcement, or other Georgian structures during the occupation of Abkhazia by Georgia from 14 August 1992, to 30 September 1993. This includes those who aided the Georgian occupation regime, participated in military actions or special operations against Abkhazia, have been banned from entering the republic, or are family members or close relatives of such individuals.
Additionally, a state registry for individuals who obtain Abkhazian citizenship will be established. The presidential decree will not be published, and the citizenship process will not be deemed complete until the relevant information is recorded in this registry.




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