Festivities Held on the Day of the National Flag of Abkhazia

Flag of Abkhazia

The 23 July is marked in Abkhazia as the National Flag Day

SUKHUM -- On Sukhum’s Mukhadzhir Promenade festivals folk-festivals in Abkhazian national costumes will be taking place.

The action will be led by a youth-group set up via the Facebook network «Let's be friends", by the State Committee for Youth and Sport, by the Committee for Youth Affairs and Sport in the Administration of the city of Sukhum.

Anyone wishing to participate in the promenade in national dress will gather in the park near the administration-building of Sukhum city at 19:30. Those who have no national costume, can make of use some of distinctive elements of national dress. At 18:30, one group will complete a sailing by boat. Then, at 19:40, the boat will berth, and the same group will proceed to the "Park of Glory", where they will wait for the rest of the participants.

After laying flowers at the memorial to soldiers killed in the Patriotic War of the people of Abkhazia, the youth will go to the quay, where the festivities will begin at 20:00.

At the “Nart” restaurant of national cuisine will be set up an awardyn (Abkhaz for “cart”) on which food will be laid out. Near the sculpture "Chick" performances will be given on Abkhazian folk instruments (acharpyn). The Colonnade area on the waterfront, next to the café "U Akop", will be set aside for artists. Here face-painters will set out their stalls to paint the Abkhazian flag on the face of anyone who wants it.

A classical quartet will play on the waterfront.

In the Abkhazian Drama Theatre named after S. Chanba a fashion-show will be put on by Abkhazian designers, as well as a concert featuring dance-ensembles.

A phaeton will run on the waterfront.

At the end of the evening, the young people stand around the perimeter of a large flag and sing the anthem of youth "Itbaaup Adunej" (Thank you, world).

Folk-festivities will complete the celebratory salute.

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