The population of Abkhazia stands at 240,705

SUKHUM -- The Office of Government Statistics summed up the 1st stage of the census of the Republic of Abkhazia in 2011, resulting from the automated processing of census-returns.

According to the data of the census, conducted in February 2011, the population of the republic stood at 240,705.

The urban population of the Republic represents 50.3% or 121,255 persons, whilst the rural population represents 49.7% or 119,450 persons.

The ratio of men to women was 46.4% and 53.6% respectively. The population-figures for the most numerous nationalities break down as follows: Abkhazians – 122,069; Russians – 22,077; Armenians – 41,864; Georgians – 43,166; Megrelians/Mingrelians – 3,201; Greeks – 1,380.

"National identity during the survey was indicated by the respondents themselves on the basis of self-determination and duly recorded by the census-workers according to the words of the interview," Zoe Avidzba, Head of the Office of State Statistics, made clear in an interview with Apsny Press.

In all, there are living in Abkhazia representatives of 91 nationalities. The age of 37 persons exceeded the 100-year milestone.

According to the preliminary figures provided to Apsny Press by the Office of State Statistics on 28 March, the population of Abkhazia stood at 242,826.

"As a result of the final processing of the database, we removed a little over two thousand double entries," explained Z. Avidzba.

Abkhazians in the Republic make up 50.71%, Armenians 17.39%, Russians 9.17%, Georgians 17.93%.

3,201 persons or 1.33% of the population of Abkhazia declared their "nationality" to be Megrelian/Mingrelian.

Source: Apsny Press




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