Dmitry Gvazava Claims Victory in Italian Gran Turismo Championship

SUKHUM / AQW'A ― The Imola Autodrome hosted the final round of the Campionato Italiano Gran Turismo Championship on October 29, culminating in a triumphant victory for Dmitry Gvazava, the acclaimed car racer from Abkhazia, as part of the Imperiale Racing team.

Gvazava opened up about the challenges faced during the competition, emphasizing that the journey to victory was anything but straightforward. The team grappled with setbacks, particularly during the third stage of the championship, which saw them demoted to second place in the overall standings. The championship's unique scoring system, which discards each team's worst race result, intensified the competition, leaving Gvazava and his team in a tight race against the Ferrari crew.

The anticipation was palpable as the drivers geared up for the final, with BMW and Ferrari emerging as the main contenders. Gvazava, alongside his co-driver Philippe Denes, navigated their Lamborghini with precision in the Pro-Am category, overcoming a 12-second gap to their rivals.

Gvazava-Denes champions GT3 PRO-AM Championship 2023
Gvazava-Denes champions GT3 PRO-AM Championship 2023

+ Racing driver Gvazava will wear a helmet with the Abkhazian flag
+ Dmitry Gvazava was the Bronze-Medal Winner of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo Europe

Reflecting on the tense moments of the race, Gvazava shared, "We faced an uphill battle, with 12 seconds to reclaim. Fortune smiled upon us that day. In the closing moments of my partner's first session, not one, but two of our competitors faced mishaps, giving us the upper hand. I emerged from the pit stop with time on our side, and from there, my focus was solely on driving safely and avoiding any errors."

Gvazava's skillful driving secured the team's historic victory, marking their first championship title in the Campionato Italiano Gran Turismo.

Abkhazian racer Dmitry Gvazava and co-driver Philippe Denes celebrate their victory
Abkhazian racer Dmitry Gvazava (right) and co-driver Philippe Denes celebrate their victory.

Still basking in the glory of their win, Gvazava expressed the team's collective joy and disbelief at their achievement. "We have had our share of challenges leading up to this final, and while our speed was undeniable, victory was never assured. This win is well-deserved, and it fills me with immense joy. It's been five years since my last championship win in 2018, and it feels incredible to be back at the top," he shared.

Gvazava also highlighted the significance of this victory for his career, anticipating a positive impact on his personal ranking in motorsport and potentially attracting offers from various companies for future championships and races.

In his concluding remarks, Gvazava reminisced about the championship's four rounds, spanning races at the circuits of Misano, Monza, Mugello, and Imola, marking a journey filled with intensity, resilience, and ultimately, triumph.




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