Imaginative Depths Explored in Nicole Bartsyts' 'Fantastic Immersion' Exhibition

Visitor Batal Katsia, captivated by the depth and cosmic themes in Nicole Bartsyts' artworks. Photo: Anaid Gogoryan

Visitor Batal Katsia, captivated by the depth and cosmic themes in Nicole Bartsyts' (left) artworks. Photo: Anaid Gogoryan

SUKHUM / AQW'A ― The cultural landscape of Sukhum is currently enriched by the unique artistic visions of Nicole Bartsyts, a young and talented artist and graphic designer. Her latest exhibition, "Fantastic Immersion," opened to public admiration at the SKLAD cultural venue. The exhibition, which is the artist’s eighth solo showcase, enjoys the backing of the "Asarkia" charitable foundation.

Nicole's artistic journey began early. At 17, she hosted her first exhibition in Sukhum, marking the start of a promising career. A graduate in graphic design from the Abkhazian State University, Nicole has nurtured her passion for art since childhood, a fact that resonates deeply in her works.

Nikol Bartsyts Art
Nicole Bartsyts | Photos by Anaid Gogoryan

"Fantastic Immersion" features an impressive collection of 40 mixed-media pieces, spanning watercolour, ink, gouache, and acrylic. The unique black-and-white backdrop at SKLAD complements and enhances the visual impact of her creations, showcasing Nicole's innovative approach to contemporary art.

Nicole Bartsyts

The exhibition highlights Nicole's use of art as an escapist medium, allowing her to create and populate her own imaginary worlds. Her work, rich in whimsical and intricate plots, invites viewers to delve deep into fantastical realms, far removed from the mundane. Her canvases feature a blend of characters inspired by global pop culture and her own vivid imagination, often serving as alternative self-portraits.

Nicole Bartsyts Art, Abkhazia

Drawing inspiration from Soviet-era cartoons and an extensive collection of medical literature at home, Nicole's art is a vivid reflection of her life experiences and influences. "We are a mosaic of our encounters and choices," she muses, "and my art is a testament to this unique, individual journey."

Interestingly, Nicole believes in the symbolic power of art, using colours to convey the inner states of being. Her avoidance of green in her own palette is a conscious choice, aimed at ensuring harmony across her oeuvre.

Nicole Bartsyts Exhibition

The exhibition showcases a diverse array of themes, from mythical and cosmic entities to self-portraits that reveal more than meets the eye. Visitors are particularly drawn to her vibrant yet introspective works, which speak volumes without words.

Among the attendees was Diana Khintba, a fellow artist, who first encountered Nicole's work in 2015. Diana praises Nicole’s mastery of watercolour and her evolved, philosophical approach to art. "Her ability to capture and convey her unique perspective of the world is truly remarkable," Diana remarks.

Nikol Bartsits Exhibition in Sukhum, Abkhazia

Visitor Batal Katsia shares his fascination with the depth and contrast in Nicole's works, particularly drawn to the cosmic and mythological themes. Another guest, Christina Gumba, a family friend, admires Nicole's versatile talent, noting her distinctive, deep worldview reflected in her art.

Nicole Bartsys Exhibition

"Fantastic Immersion" is not just an exhibition; it's a journey into the heart and mind of a gifted artist. It will remain open to the public until 27th December, marking a fitting end to SKLAD's cultural events for the year. This showcase is a must-see for art enthusiasts and casual visitors alike, offering a rare glimpse into the boundless realms of imagination and creativity.




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