A Tribute to Endurance: 30 Years Since the Martyrdom of Yegodzh Hanefi Aslan

Yegoj Hanefi Aslan

Yegodzh Hanefi Aslan: 1966, Kayseri - 22 September 1993, Sukhum

Born in 1966 in the Circassian village of Yukarı Karagöz (Makarhable) in the Pınarbaşı district of Kayseri, Yegodzh Hanefi Aslan returned to his ancestral homeland, the Caucasus, in April 1993 and settled in Abkhazia.

He joined the war with the Pitsunda-Ldzaa troop of the 5th Battalion of the 1st Brigade on the Western Front. On 22 September 1993, he was martyred at the entrance of Sukhum due to a bomb dropped from a plane owned by the Russian army, which was rented by the Georgians.

Yegodzh Hanefi, remembered by his comrades for his resilience under challenging conditions and for the great morale he provided, was laid to rest in the Brotherhood Cemetery in the city of Gudauta.

On the 30th anniversary of his passing, we respectfully and gratefully remember our martyr Yegodzh Hanefi Aslan.

Yegoj Hanefi Aslan

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