Irakli Tuzhba: Abkhazia Determined to Persist in Geneva Discussions Despite Obstacles

Irakli Tuzhba, Deputy Foreign Minister of Abkhazia

Irakli Tuzhba, Deputy Foreign Minister of Abkhazia.

SUKHUM / AQW'A — In a recent interview published by the "Apsny" Social Information Agency, Deputy Foreign Minister Irakli Tuzhba highlighted the significance of the Geneva discussions for Abkhazia.

Tuzhba emphasized that the Geneva discussions represent the sole internationally recognised platform where the Republic of Abkhazia engages equally alongside representatives from the world's most authoritative international organisations and leading nations that shape contemporary international politics. The International Geneva Discussions have been ongoing for a period of 15 years.

"Regrettably, over the recent years, we've encountered challenges in arriving at a consensus on certain political matters, especially concerning the international guarantees of non-use of force by Georgia. This paramount agenda item has remained static for an extended period. Currently, there aren't any signs suggesting a potential change in this status quo. Nevertheless, even with the standstill in political deliberations, there have been instances of productive collaboration within the purview of the International Geneva Discussions. Through these discussions, we've been able to address certain humanitarian challenges, resulting in our republic garnering aid and international endorsement," commented Tuzhba.

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Tuzhba recounted various instances of such collaborative endeavours, including support received during the COVID-19 pandemic, assistance in countering pests affecting agricultural produce, initiatives to rejuvenate and digitise archival data in Abkhazia, among others.

"In spite of the absence of tangible progress regarding security concerns and international assurances of non-aggression, along with a prevalent skepticism in our republic about the International Geneva Discussions, we remain committed to persisting in this format. One of our republic's paramount foreign policy objectives is to break through the barriers of international seclusion. With this in mind, it becomes imperative for us to redouble our efforts in seeking alternative international venues where the Abkhazian perspective can be articulated on various pressing matters. It's unfortunate that for a considerable duration, we've encountered unwavering resistance from Georgia and its allies in the West, in response to any endeavours of ours to foster connections on the global stage. Yet, in spite of these tangible challenges, we're resolute in our mission to explore fresh avenues to manifest our distinct foreign policy ambitions," Tuzhba concluded.




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