Aiaaira Organizes Rally on December 28th Over Pitsunda Dacha Issue in Abkhazia

SUKHUM / AQW'A ― In a recent gathering of the 'Aiaaira' public organisation's senior council in Sukhum, a strong stance was taken against President Aslan Bzhania's handling of the Pitsunda state dacha issue. The meeting, which brought together war veterans, disabled individuals, and other community members, unanimously condemned the president's policies as detrimental to Abkhazia's interests.

Vianor Ashba, a prominent figure in the organisation, emphasised the severity of the situation. "The issue is about our very existence," he stated, reflecting the collective sentiment of the High Council members. The focus of their concern was the potential sale of significant properties in Abkhazia, with the Pitsunda state dacha being a case in point. This matter has stirred considerable unrest within the community, as it is seen as a threat to Abkhazia's sovereignty and governance.

In response to these developments, 'Aiaaira' has taken a proactive step by calling for a rally on December 28th. This call to action, aimed at a broad spectrum of the Abkhazian society, from veterans to the youth, signifies a unified opposition to the current presidential policies. The High Council's unanimous endorsement of this rally indicates a strong, consolidated front against the government's contentious proposal.

This recent assembly and call for action by 'Aiaaira' come in the wake of escalating public criticism towards President Bzhania's government. The central issue revolves around the proposed ratification of an agreement to transfer the ownership of the historic Pitsunda state dacha to the Russian Federation. This agreement, which has been fervently supported by President Bzhania, is set for discussion in the final parliamentary session of 2023.

Recently, a coalition of civil and political organisations, including veterans' groups and civic alliances, issued a strongly worded statement to President Aslan Bzhania. In their statement, they explicitly call for the retraction of this and other similar legislative initiatives perceived as harmful to the Abkhaz people.

The collective dissent expressed in the statement is a clear indication of the mounting disapproval and concern over the current administration's policies. The groups emphasize the potential damage these initiatives could cause to the achievements and statehood of the Ab khaz people. They warn of decisive actions to prevent the implementation of such policies and hold the President personally responsible for any negative outcomes resulting from ignoring the public's voice.

This united front, represented by organisations such as 'Aamta', 'Aidgylara', 'Apsny', 'Aruaa', 'Asarkal', 'Aiaaira', 'AND', the Committee for the Protection of the Sovereignty of Abkhazia, 'Our Capital', 'FNEA', and 'Akh'atsa', signifies a critical moment in Abkhazian politics. It reflects the deep-seated concerns of various segments of the society regarding the country's sovereignty and the future direction of its governance.




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