Abkhazian Coalition Issues Strong Statement Against Bzhania Over Pitsunda Datcha Plan

SUKHUM / AQW'A ― In a significant and contentious development, the government of Abkhazia, led by President Aslan Bzhania, is facing intense public criticism following its proposal to ratify an agreement that would transfer the ownership of the historic Pitsunda state dacha to the Russian Federation. This agreement, which President Bzhania is keenly advocating for and is slated for discussion in the final parliamentary session of 2023, has become a flashpoint for national protests, highlighting deep concerns over national sovereignty and governance.

A coalition of civil and political organisations, including veterans' groups and civic alliances, issued a strongly worded statement to President Aslan Bzhania. The statement, which represents the collective dissent of these groups, calls on the President to immediately retract this and other similar legislative initiatives that are seen as detrimental to the interests of the Abkhaz people. Below is the complete text of the statement:

Full Statement

To the President of the Republic of Abkhazia,
Mr. A.G. Bzhania,

We have been informed that the final session of 2023 will discuss the ratification of an agreement for the transfer of the Pitsunda state dacha into the ownership of the Russian Federation.

It is essential for you to recognise that this issue, along with your other policies perceived as counter to public interests, has elicited a highly negative response from the Abkhaz public. The announcement in the media regarding the date of ratification has led to renewed protests among the population.

Given the serious risk of negative consequences and in the interest of maintaining stability, we urge you to make the right decision: abandon these anti-national initiatives and withdraw from the People's Assembly-Parliament of the Republic of Abkhazia the proposed law 'On Ratifying the Agreement between the Governments of the Republic of Abkhazia and the Russian Federation regarding the transfer of property on Abkhazian territory to the Russian Federation and its usage'; the draft Law 'On Regulating the Legal Status of Aparthotels and Apartments'; and the draft law for ratifying 'The Agreement between the Republic of Abkhazia and the Russian Federation on Recognising and Enforcing Judicial and Arbitration Decisions in Economic Matters.'

We, on our part, confirm our resolve to undertake decisive actions to prevent the implementation of your initiatives, which undoubtedly cause irreparable harm to the achievements of the Abkhaz people and the existence of Abkhaz statehood.

Should you ignore the voice of the Abkhaz people and our demands, you will bear full personal responsibility for the ensuing consequences.

'Aamta' (Expert Foundation)

'Aidgylara' (Republican Public Association)

'Apsny' (Political Party)

'Aruaa' (Republican Public Association)

'Asarkal' (Public Association)

'Aiaaira' (Union of Veterans and Citizens of Abkhazia)

'AND' (Republican Public Association)

Committee for the Protection of the Sovereignty of Abkhazia

'Our Capital' (Republican Public Association)

'FNEA' (Republican Political Party)

'Akh'atsa' (Public Association)




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