Abkhazia is interested in establishing diplomatic relations with Argentina

BUENOS-AIRES - Abkhazia is interested in establishing diplomatic relations with Argentina, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia Maxim Gvindzhia who heads the Abkhaz delegation visiting Latin America told ITAR-TASS.

"There are no diplomatic relations between Argentina and Abkhazia for the time being, but we hope to establish them”, he said. “Meanwhile we plan to open three embassies in Latin America: in Nicaragua, Venezuela and Argentina".

According to him, the purpose of the Abkhaz delegation’s visit to Latin America is to broaden political and economic relations with the region’s countries. "We intend to develop trade relations with all Latin American countries”, the Abkhaz foreign policy department head emphasized. “In particular, Argentina, Ecuador, Venezuela and Nicaragua could be our serious business partners”.

Maxim Gvindzhia said that the Abkhaz delegation had had a number of meetings with local political and public circles representatives. "During the meetings their attitude to Abkhazia was very favorable”, he said. “The most important thing is that nobody assured us that Argentina wouldn’t recognize Abkhazia, therefore we hope that Argentina will be the next Latin American country to recognize Abkhazia".

"We want to continue our allied and friendly relations with Latin America because it’s impossible to advance without it, the recognition is not enough”, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Abkhazia stressed. “We need close ties with these countries. They have wide experience; the infrastructure here is very much developed. They have very much in common with Abkhazia. It’s easy for us to communicate with Latin Americans, as though we are tuned in".

Maxim Gvindzhia added that Abkhazia also plans to develop ties with Latin American countries in the sphere of education, social exchanges and establishment of friendship between cities.




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