Nauru recognized independency of Abkhazia -- Today the Foreign Ministers of both signed the agreement on establishment of diplomatic relations. The ceremony was held in the administration of the President of separatist Abkhazia.

The Foreign Minister of Nauru Kirene Keke expressed hope that decision will favor establishment of peace and stability in the world. He also hopes that other countries will follow the example and also recognize Abkhazia.

Sergey Shamba, the Foreign Minister of Abkhazia, in his turn explained that establishment of diplomatic relations means recognition of the state's independency.

"There are different forms of recognition; the most widespread is establishment of diplomatic relations. Sometimes it's done in a different way, when a statement on mutual recognition is made. That is why today's act means bilateral recognition of our states," Shamba said.

Previously independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia was recognized by Russia, Nicaragua and Venezuela.




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