Presentation of the Ekaterine Bebia's Books "Our general SULTAN SOSNALIEV" and "Select Ones''

SUKHUM -- Today, the State Committee for Repatriation hosted the launch of the books "Our general Sosnaliev Sultan" and "Select Ones" by journalist, writer and scholar Ekaterine Bebia.

The first book details the life of the ardent patriot, who selflessly dedicated himself to the causes of the North Caucasus and of Abkhazia, Lt. Gen. Sultan Aslambekovich Sosnaliev (1942 - 2008.). Sosnaliev was honoured with the titles and orders: Hero of Abkhazia, Distinguished Military Pilot of the USSR, Order of the Red Banner, Order of Alexander Nevsky (Ist degree), and the Abkhazian Order "Akhjdz-apsha" 'Honour and Gloru' (Ist degree).

During the war (1992-1993) Sultan Sosnaliev served the people of Abkhazia as Minister of Defence, and after the war was a long-serving Deputy Premier and Minister of Defence.

According to the author, the book makes use of the recollections of famous statesmen, politicians and community-leaders of Abkhazia and the North Caucasus to illustrate some episodes from the life of Sultan Sosnaliev, who, together with the first President of the Republic of Armenia, Vladislav Ardzinba, was the architect of the Abkhazian people's victory in the war with Georgia.

The book was published on the initiative of President Sergei Bagapsh with the financial support of the Federation of Abkhazian cultural centres in Turkey, led by Feridun Akusba.

The book "Select Ones" includes essays on contemporary figures - Sergei Bagapsh, Valerian Kobakhia, Konstantin Ozgan, Aleko Gvaramia, Tamara Avidzba-Ezugbaja, Razhden Gumba, Taras Shamba, Boris Amichba, Hakibej Ajba, Vladimir Anua, Givi Smyr, Vladimir Mikanba, Ruslan Pandaria, etc. The book was funded by our compatriot Semih Palba (Turkey).

According to Deputy of the Parliament of Abkhazia, Hero of Abkhazia, Batali Kobakhia, E. Bebia presents in an attractive and readable format a range of public figures so that the younger generations can read and learn about them. "In moments of danger, even in Soviet times, Abkhazian politicians have always been with the people in the thick of things. Such a tradition does not exist in Russia, or Georgia, or in other countries," he said.

Speaking of Ekaterine Bebia, the MP noted that not many journalists were able to cope with the critical year 1992. "Tali Dzhopua, Marina Bartsits, Anatoly Shonia, Anzor Kvarchelia, Emma Khodzhava, Katja Bebia - these are the people who during the war covered its events. Today, when many argue about the history of Abkhazia, unfortunately, no holistic description of what happened exists. E. Bebia is trying to fill this gap. The biographies of the characters are easily read from the first to last page. She uses primary sources and interviews people who directly knew and worked with those about whom she writes. Using the factual material submitted by Katja, the next generation will write their own books and dissertations," said Batal Kobakhia.




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