Repression of Greeks in Abkhazia by Khristofor Kesanidis

Photo: from the archives of the Iosifidi family

Photo: from the archives of the Iosifidi family

In this profound exploration, Dr. Khristofor Goniadis-Kesanidis delves into the historical narrative of the Greeks in Abkhazia, a subject marked by depth and complexity. The article, "Repression of Greeks in Abkhazia," presents a detailed account of the Greeks as an integral part of Abkhazia's cultural and social fabric, tracing their contributions from the late 19th century through the tumultuous era of the Soviet Union.

Dr. Khristofor Kesanidis, born in 1937 and holding a Doctorate in Technical Sciences, meticulously documents the gradual erosion of the Greek community's stature and rights in Abkhazia. The narrative reveals the challenges faced by the Greeks, from the flourishing of their community, particularly in tobacco cultivation and education, to the severe repressions and policies enacted during Stalin's regime. It highlights the drastic measures taken against the Greeks, including the removal of their language and script from educational systems and their eventual mass deportation in 1949.

The author's personal connection to the region and its history adds a poignant and authentic voice to the narrative. His work not only serves as a historical account but also as a testament to the resilience and struggles of the Greek community in Abkhazia.


Part 1: Greeks - An Integral Element of Abkhazia
Part 2: Victims of Rampant Chauvinism 
Part 3: Conclusion 

The article in PDF can be downloaded by clicking here (153 Kb.)

This article was published by [Also: ApsnyTeka] and is translated from Russian.

Khristofor Kesanidis, born in 1937, is a Doctor of Technical Sciences (recognised as a Doctoral Diploma, Act Number: 4/72, Athens, February 14, 1991), and an Associate Professor. He was born and raised in one of the picturesque locations of Abkhazia - the village of Mikhailovka, also known as “Kuma,” later renamed Shroma.

He worked at the Dzhambyl Technological Institute of Light and Food Industry, serving as an Associate Professor, Dean, and Chairman of the trade union organisation of the collective.

Khristofor is the author of 33 scientific works related to his dissertation topic, 5 inventions, a monograph, and a device that was mass-produced for enterprises in the USSR bread products system.

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