Detailed report on General Baron Peter von Uslar's Abkhazian studies, by Anton Schiefner

Baron Pyotr Karlovich Uslar

Baron Pyotr Karlovich Uslar (1816 – 1875).

Detailed report on General Baron Peter von Uslar's Abkhazian studiesAusführlicher Bericht über des Generals Baron Peter von Uslar Abchasische Studien
Author: Anton Schiefner (1817-1879)
Year: 1863
Publisher: Kais | Imperial Academy of Sciences
Place of Publication: St. Petersburg
Number of pages: 70
Language: German

Franz Anton Schiefner (June 18, 1817 – November 16, 1879) was a Baltic German linguist and Tibetologist.

Schiefner was born to a German-speaking family in Reval (Tallinn), Estonia, then part of the Russian Empire.

Schiefner investigated the languages of the Caucasus, which his lucid analyses placed within reach of European philologists. Thus he gave a full analysis of the Tush language, and in quick succession, from Baron Peter von Uslar's investigations, comprehensive papers on the Avar, Udi, Abkhaz, Chechen, Kasi-Kumuk, and Hyrcanian languages. He had also mastered Ossetic, and brought out a number of translations from that language, several of them accompanied by the original text.

The full publication in PDF can be downloaded by clicking here (33 MB)

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