Arda Inal-Ipa: "Perhaps we shall be able to learn from the difficult experience of recent days, God willing"

Arda Inal-Ipa

Arda Inal-Ipa is the Deputy Director at Center for Humanitarian Programs in Sukhum

Yesterday, against the background of the catastrophic events in the political life of Abkhazia, I was nonetheless able to take pleasure in one Euronews report about the confrontation in Abkhazia – for the first time in many years, it was said that Abkhazia became part of the USSR (in fact, in those days it was the RSFSR) as an independent republic. It would seem a small thing. But it is not – for years we tried to fight the impenetrable lie with regard to Abkhazian history and Abkhazia’s right to an independent state . And now at last the breach is broken. 

But how deplorable that now we ourselves are disregarding the Constitution and the legal foundations of our state that our society constructed one brick at a time with such difficulty, overcoming the post-war chaos and the inertia of Soviet times. I understand and share many of the criticisms levelled at Ankvab, but I am struck by the naïve logic of our opposition politicians , who do not see the difference between the person of the president and the state. I remember the immortal Gogol: "Of course Alexander the Great was a hero, but why break chairs? " Excuse the inappropriate humor. I want to share the words of wisdom of a friend of Abkhazia, the Head of "Adyghe Khasa" Asker Sokht, who said of the developments in Abkhazia that "this is a blow to Abkhazia, its statehood. In a short time this will become clear as day." 

Unfortunately I have the impression that the majority of participants in this acute phase of the domestic political struggle in Abkhazia do not understand and do not feel what a tremendous responsibility they have assumed, by crossing the line. Surprising that few people are thinking about the place they will occupy in the modern history of our suffering Abkhazia. But I very much hope that there is still a way out, there simply has to be one because the lives of young people that were sacrificed for the independence of our country cannot have been in vain. First, we must remember our great traditions in conflict resolution and the conflict in Abkhazia today is not only between individual politicians and political parties , but between large groups of people , which makes the situation extremely dangerous. And in this situation an insulting tone towards opponents is absolutely unacceptable . Restraint and respect even to one’s foe have always been valued in Abkhazian society precisely because it creates the basis on which to try to reach agreement.

And second, the political life of any country can not develop without compromise, in domestic politics  they are essential. Intoxication and euphoria as a result of "fast and efficient" violent actions must pass and give way to sobriety and responsibility. All of us - the President and his team, the opposition, civil society, the media should understand their share of responsibility for what is happening. I am convinced  that society cannot end up by accident on the brink beyond which state institutions no longer function and the risk arises of  loss of sovereignty. There is no other way out except  to start all over again. Perhaps we shall be able learn from the difficult  experience of recent days... God willing.

This article was published by Asarkia and is translated from Russian. 




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