Torrential Rainfall Ravages Infrastructure in Gagra District, Raises Concerns

Torrential rain causes chaos in Gagra district from dusk of June 13th to dawn of the 14th.

Torrential rain causes chaos in Gagra district from dusk of June 13th to dawn of the 14th.

SUKHUM / AQW'A — A torrential downpour wreaked havoc in the Gagra district during the twilight hours of June 13th into the morning of the 14th. Adamur Tsishba, the first deputy head of the local municipal administration, reported that the intense rainfall had inflicted significant damage upon a section of the regional highway and led to the collapse of several buildings.

Tsishba, speculating on the extent of the damage, suggested, "It was likely a tornado. The scale of the damage is beyond what a mere rainstorm could inflict." He went on to describe how several rivers had swollen and overflowed their banks, presumably due to the deluge originating from seven or eight nearby gorges in the region known locally as the 'Golden Post'.

A portion of the regional highway was severely impacted, with large sections of asphalt washed away by the floods. Tsishba explained, "We've managed to clear one side of the road and are painstakingly working to restore reverse traffic flow, as the resulting blockage has caused a significant backlog."

The havoc caused by the extreme weather didn't spare residential and commercial properties either. Tsishba highlighted that the natural disaster had led to the collapse of a private residence and a dormitory housing hotel staff, though he was relieved to confirm no casualties resulted from these incidents.

The administration's concerns extend beyond the immediate visible destruction. Continued water flow from the gorges suggests that the aftermath of the extreme weather may hold further challenges. One particular point of concern is the condition of the "Reprua-1" pumping station, which remains unknown. Tsishba indicated that the station, having been in the path of the main water flows, was de-energized at 5:00 AM on Wednesday and has remained offline since.

Tsishba reassured that, within the city limits, the adverse weather had not resulted in significant damage. Notwithstanding isolated incidents of rockslides obstructing roads, the city did not experience any flooding.

However, the destructive weather phenomenon did not limit itself to Gagra. The neighboring city of Sochi also bore the brunt of the weather conditions. An unexpected rise in river levels led to the inundation of roads and adjacent territories, with floodwater seeping into the first and basement floors of homes and causing damage to the city's gas pipeline network.




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