Torrential Rains Flood Homes in Gudauta

SUKHUM / AQW'A — Torrential rains lashed the town of Gudauta early on Thursday morning, although no casualties have been reported so far.

The sudden downpour clogged the stormwater drains, causing water levels to rise and flood private residences in Gudauta, according to the press service of Abkhazia's Ministry of Emergency Situations.

"Water has seeped into the basements and first floors of the buildings on Kiaraz Street. The rain was very heavy and began at seven in the morning. All city services and 15 personnel from the Ministry of Emergency Situations are working diligently. They are monitoring the situation on the rivers and checking the water levels," said a spokesperson from the department.

The number of flooded properties is currently unknown, with rescue teams focusing on draining the water. It has also been reported that several rivers have overflowed their banks, resulting in flooded houses on Sostalieva, Nartaa, Kiaraz, and Rafael Tsargush streets.

Furthermore, in the neighboring Gagra district, intense rains had caused significant damage just the day before, from the evening of June 13th through to the morning of the 14th. Adamur Tsishba, the Deputy Head of the local municipal administration, confirmed that the relentless downpour had severely damaged a portion of the regional highway, triggering the collapse of several structures.




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