Travel Advisory Issued for Gagra District in Abkhazia Amid Severe Rainfall

Heavy rains on the morning of July 9 led to widespread flooding in the affected area.

Heavy rains on the morning of July 9 led to widespread flooding in the affected area.

SUKHUM / AQW'A — Severe rainfall lashed the Gagra district on Sunday, July 9, resulting in significant flooding of private residences and leading to serious disruptions in traffic. The Ministry of Emergency Situations of Abkhazia has issued a travel advisory, urging residents and visitors to avoid trips to the Gagra district due to inclement weather conditions, according to a report from the department's press service.

As the downpour intensified on the morning of July 9, the flooding spread to private properties, residential buildings, and streets in the affected area. In response, the entire fire and rescue team from the Ministry's Gagra division has been mobilized to mitigate the damage.

In the village of Ldzaa within the Gagra district, heavy rainfall has caused extensive flooding to the ground floors of multiple houses. Preliminary reports from the village of Agaraki indicate a landslide, prompting the deployment of specialists from the State Inspection for Small Ships to assist local rescuers and to potentially conduct evacuations.

As of now, no incidents involving fallen trees blocking roadways have been reported. However, traffic congestion is intensifying, beginning from the village of Bzyb, and movement is reportedly obstructed at the Bzyb checkpoint.

Residents and tourists are being advised to avoid sea swimming for at least four days, allowing the sea to cleanse itself following the rainstorm.

Traffic restrictions have been imposed around the Bzyb station, the Pitsunda turn, and within Gagra. Furthermore, the main artery to Ritsa has been declared impassable. To address the escalating situation, an operational task force has been established within the Gagra district administration to coordinate relief efforts and assist those affected.

The administration's Telegram channel has disseminated emergency contact numbers for the public to access the hotline: 7210001, 9209892.

In a similar advisory, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Abkhazia is urging drivers to avoid the Gagra district until further notice.

Traffic police units are on-site, managing road traffic and controlling the density of passing vehicles. Moreover, Traffic Police units have been assigned to escort special vehicles involved in the ongoing disaster management operations.




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