Ankvab: "We are not seeking to prevail upon anyone to recognise us, but we do not want to communicate with the world through Tbilisi"

SUKHUM -- Today, President Aleksandr Ankvab received the Ambassador of Germany to Georgia, Ortvina Hoenig. This is the first visit of the Ambassador, who was appointed two years ago.

"Abkhazia is a wonderful country with wonderful people,” said the ambassador, who yesterday had time to visit Lake Ritsa and meet with people. “It is simply a paradise. It is a pity that the world knows little about Abkhazia."

The diplomat was interested in the point of view of the President on the problems that exist between Abkhazia and Georgia. Aleksandr Ankvab noted that communication since 2005 with a great number of diplomats accredited in Georgia allows him to conclude that their position on Abkhazia has not changed.

"We need to choose another discussion-format. The Abkhazian people have a clearly delineated position, and the leadership of the country is following it. This is to develop a self-standing, independent, democratic state," the president said.

According to Ankvab, "Political bargaining is out of place, and it is not worth wasting time on different programmes of engagement." The President remarked that Abkhazia is not isolated; it is developing, including with the help from Russia.

Aleksandr Ankvab stressed that relations between Abkhazia and Georgia can change after signing of a peace-agreement. The Ambassador thanked the President for the information provided. He said that Abkhazia deserves to be better known in the world.

"I have understood that you want the world to know about Abkhazia, but not through Georgia. Your position is clear,” said Ortvin Hoenig. Aleksandr Ankvab does not exclude the possibility that the Abkhazian leadership in the near future will not be communicating with representatives of the diplomatic corps accredited in Georgia.

He even spoke about this in conversation with the German diplomat. "We are not seeking to prevail upon anyone to recognise us, but we do not want to communicate with you via Tbilisi," said Aleksandr Ankvab.

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