Leuan Lagulaa Asserts: Sovereignty, the Only Way Forward for Abkhazia

Leuan Lagulaa, Chief Editor of ApsnyHabar.

Leuan Lagulaa, Chief Editor of ApsnyHabar.

In a statement, Leuan Lagulaa, Director of ApsnyHabar, underscores the critical importance of independence and sovereignty for Abkhazia's future. Addressing the nation's current socio-political challenges, Lagulaa advocates for a new political direction to safeguard Abkhazia's statehood and national identity. His message reflects a deep commitment to revitalizing the nation's political landscape and asserts a clear vision for its path forward.

Below is the full transcript of Leuan Lagulaa's compelling address, presenting his vision for the nation's future:

"Independence and sovereignty represent the irrefutable path for the development of the Abkhazian state. In this era marked by significant socio-political transformations, Abkhazia finds itself at a pivotal juncture, facing decisions that will shape its future. Confronted with threats to its statehood and identity, the urgency to establish a new political platform becomes paramount, one that staunchly defends the true interests of the people.

Deviation from the True Ideals of the Abkhaz People Amidst Pitsunda's Alienation

The current political actors in Abkhazia have long deviated from the fundamental principles intended to underpin state policy: independence, sovereignty, and freedom. Alexander Ankvab, Raul Khazhimba, and Aslan Bzhania, the three presidents of Abkhazia in the past 13 years, have witnessed significant shifts. During the reign of two among them, 300 hectares of Abkhazian territory were alienated. Raul Khazhimba, to this date, has not publicly clarified his stance on the partial loss of Abkhazia's sovereignty.

The prolonged confrontation between the two major political factions has evolved into a battle for resources, plunging society into deep apathy and eroding faith in the ideals of the Abkhaz national project. Given the extreme external political circumstances, the emergence of a new political force, grounded in the fundamental principles of independence and sovereignty as the indisputable course for the Abkhazian state's development, is timely.

Constraints of Civil Organizations in Defending National Interests

Though civil organisations are instrumental in protecting citizens' interests, their influence and capacity are inherently limited. They cannot wholly substitute for the absence of a robust, independent, and nationally-focused political force that can responsibly steer the country's future.

The events that transpired in the Parliament Square from December 26th to 27th starkly underscore this reality, where the perspectives and efforts of the nationally-oriented civil society were essentially overlooked. At this historical moment, a political platform emerges as the sole effective means to genuinely represent the people's interests.

The establishment of a new opposition platform marks a step towards rejuvenating nationally-oriented politics. This platform must emerge as a unifying force for all those committed to preserving Abkhazia's independence and distinctiveness.

Upholding Independence and Sovereignty

At a press conference held in Sukhum on January 8th, participants of the new political platform declared their commitment to defending the sovereignty of Abkhazia and its right to independence in making fateful decisions. Levan Mikaa, Alkhas Zhindzhal, Akhra Bzhania, Lasha Zukhba, and Tengiz Dzhopua called upon society to consolidate the efforts of all nationally-oriented forces. This coalition aims to establish a potent and efficient political force, capable of halting the government's trajectory towards the erosion of Abkhazian statehood.

The platform is poised to propose distinct, realistic, and actionable strategies for national development, diverging from those put forth by the existing political factions.

Leuan Lagulaa, Chief Editor of ApsnyHabar.

This statement was published by ApsnyHabar and is translated from Russian.




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