The Tragedy of South Ossetia: Lawlessness of Genocide, by Vasily Abaev

The Tragedy of South Ossetia, by Vasily AbaevТрагедия Юго-Осетии: беспредел геноцида (The Tragedy of South Ossetia: Lawlessness of Genocide)
Author: Vasily Abaev
Year: 2007
Place of Publication: Tskhinkval, South Ossetia
Number of pages: 33
Published by: Nyfs
Language: Russian

An unpublished article by an outstanding Ossetian scientist, Doctor of Philology, Professor Vasily I. Abaev, written during the years of Georgia's military aggression against South Ossetia. In this article, Abaev disassembled the nature of the genocide, shows the essence of Georgian "democracy", the fascist essence of Gamsakhurdia's rule, considers the concept of "hosts" - "guests", shows the war of toponyms, gives an interpretation of individual episodes in the history of the Ossetian and Georgian peoples.

Vasily Abaev (15 December 1900 – 18 March 2001) was an ethnically Ossetian Soviet linguist specializing in Iranian, particularly Ossetian linguistics.

The full book in PDF can be downloaded by clicking here (4.9 MB)

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