Annual Report of the Cultural and Charitable Foundation 'Ashana'

Cultural and Charitable Foundation

For 2014 within the "Save Life Together" was collected 8.5 million rubles treatment of 22 children. 10 of them have received qualified treatment. 12 wards expect invitations to the hospital clinic in the near future.

Here was another year! Time to sum up 2014 Last year was different, full of events and the good news about our children. The fund has a lot of new friends and partners. Was very active in the community. The Fund has become a platform that united all those who wanted and could do good. There have been many of the Shares by the Fund and to support the fund. We chronologically tell you about all the news and events of the past year.

We are proud to announce that joined the ranks of our corporate donors. We were joined by Brewery "Sukhum Beer" and the hardware store "TECHNOSILA". What we are extremely excited!

We are proud that our foundation has reached the international level. Cultural and Charitable Foundation "Ashana" was presented at the VII International conference "White nights of fundraising", which was held in June 2014 in Kazan, where as an expert was the director CCF "Ashana" - Dzheveyra Kolosova. This is an achievement!

We have told that members of the fund are constantly trained and improve their professionalism, go on business trips abroad. This approach also brings good results. So, February 8 meeting was held in Turkey in İnegol Abkhaz students with the Abkhaz diaspora and Soner Gogua, which took part and our employee - Maktina Jinjolia. The meeting was very fruitful in terms of improving mutual communication and cooperation prospects of our young people with the diaspora in Turkey. The meeting was not in vain and for our fund. We have new partners in Turkey, which will help to select highly qualified treatment in the best clinics in Turkey for the wards of our foundation, one of which is already waiting for medical treatment in Istanbul January 15, 2015

We are constantly working to increase the ways to help children and make them convenient and accessible to you. Due to numerous requests residents of Abkhazia, for the convenience of helping sick children, we launched a campaign - "Good Piggy" (donation box). Boxes installed in shops, fast food, pharmacies and banks. These piggy banks on Abkhazia 56. The action was successfully launched on March 15 and has already borne fruit. With the money boxes with March 2014 you donated 763,282 rubles. All funds are aimed at providing targeted assistance to children.

In April 2014, in the conference hall of the hotel "Atrium Victoria" was held the third annual report meeting of Cultural and Charitable Foundation "Ashana". At the meeting were presented the results of the Fund for 2013. At the end of the Assembly during the April received positive reviews, based on which we can safely say - Third Annual Open Meeting of CCF "Ashana" was successfully completed. And CCF "Ashana" in their work and the organization has once again proved that this fund is at high standards.

June 1, the International Children's Day Cultural and Charitable Foundation "Ashana" traditionally congratulated his players. The congratulations joined the permanent partner of the fund - the company "A-mobile", which has allocated funds for gifts for the children; children's cafe "NAN", provided facilities. Employees cafe took the lead in organizing the entertainment program, in which more than two hours wards fund entertained by professional actors in a totally amazing puppet costumes. During the evening all present sang the young singer Madina Kvaratskheliya, at the end of the holiday the children were presented with gifts.

July 23 on the waterfront "Muhajirs" in Sukhum we organized a charity raffle. Such a lottery was successfully carried out in September last year. At the request of the citizens, we decided to hold it again, back to the Day of National flag of the Republic of Abkhazia. The purpose of the lottery - implementation of the magnets and the subsequent transfer of the proceeds to the treatment of sick children.

Prizes provided by: Shop 30 seconds, CB "GarantBank," shop "Harzaman", "M-Studio», LLC "Premium", children's cafe "NAN" cafe "Barista", a taxi agency "humane" restaurant "Leon", hardware store "Techno Power" confectionery "chocolate" beauty salon "Sakura" restaurant "Guada" cafe "Country Chicken», Butik ABH, HANDMADE_APSNY, Julia Skorenko. It was sold about 800 magnets "Mercy". All the proceeds went to the trust fund treatment - Nicole Dzhindzholiya.

13 August to the initiative of the kindergarten "Amra" (Sukhum, camp site) and with the support of the Organizing Committee of the Education Department of the Administration of the city of Sukhum was successfully hold a Rally in support of KBF "Auchan" under the name "Ray hope and Good". After the speeches, children of the kindergarten, the guests watched and choose favorite children's work, they for a long time sculpted, painted, created themselves and made a donation to the "piggy bank Good" CCF "Ashana" during the charity event were collected 31,500 rubles. All proceeds were deposited in the CCF "Ashana" in the treatment of critically ill children.

25, 26 and 28 August at the medical center "Savitar" on the basis of high-tech medical equipment provided by the center, cultural and charitable foundation "Ashana" was organized by the employment of children under 18 years leading Cardiology, Tomsk Research Institute of Cardiology Health Ministry. Specialists of the Institute of Cardiology for the diagnosis and counseling patients about heart disease. For three days cardiologists were surveyed 175 people! Ten patients were diagnosed with heart disease. Three of them CCF "Ashana" has organized a fundraiser for treatment in Tomsk Institute of Cardiology, one of which was 12 years old Anastasia Muhorina already successfully operated. Another seven kiddies with heart defects Foundation organizes with forest resources over the next year.

August 2014 is well remembered for creative idea guidance MIA RA. They are transferred to the fund so-called "beautiful" license plates, which are in great demand among local drivers. Rooms were exposed to "a charity online auction site" on page MIA, and then fund "Auchan" in the social network - «Facebook». As part of the online auction has been played 18 "beautiful" car numbers, the total cost of which amounted to - 1 million 536 thousand.

Two numbers were provided from the citizens of Abkhazia for free.

These funds purchased supplies for insulin pump six-year Ainar Chichnadze diagnosed with type I diabetes mellitus, urgent treatment is paid for by David Gvaramiya, Amanda Gubaz and Anrik Argun. Missing amounts in the collection of funds were supplemented by those of the proceeds for Sariya Kishmariya Nicole Jinjolia and Nasty Muhorinova.

Thanks to the initiative of our citizens, conducting charity auctions, concerts, exhibitions have the ability to unite people who are willing and able to do good.

Held another online auction of handmade toys. Were presented at the auction items - handmade toys Julia Skorenko which took the initiative and donated their works fund for future use for the benefit of their children. We decided to put them up for online auction on the page in facebook Fund. 10 lots were sold for a total amount of 13,830 rubles. These funds were used to help Narsou Armazan, trust fund, which was to raise the funds. Many winning lots, the participants gave our wards. By decision of Julia, the remaining lots were transferred to our ward at a party in honor of June 1st.

September 15 at the initiative of two young men, residents of Pitsunda, Azamat Bagateliya and Fatima Shulumba in the State Concert Hall Pitsunda held a charity concert of classical music. The concert was attended by folk and honored artists of Abkhazia, winners of international competitions.

The evening was an exhibition and sale of paintings painting studio Piliya Mariya, and the sale of T-shirts and covers project Laura Tarnava and Ebrahim Chkadua - "Colors of nation". All proceeds during a charity concert and exhibition-sales - 373 thousand. 110 rubles. Were listed in the Cultural and Charitable Foundation "Ashana" Trust Fund for the treatment of "Ashana", namely Anastasia Muhorina.

September 25 ornament open youth festival "Art walk along the waterfront," became a little corner of philanthropy Cultural and Charitable Foundation "Ashana", which attracted attention with bright colors children's paintings. The initiator of the exhibition was a young and talented artist, Mariya Piliya that is specifically for the exhibition, provided the work of students attending its school of painting. All proceeds - 76,580 rubles. Listed in CCF "Ashana" treatment Muhorina Anastasia girl with severe heart disease. Nastia has already been successfully carried out an operation on the heart in the Tomsk Institute of Cardiology.

On September 27, 2014 start up a new charity event fund "buying-help" with the corporate donor fund "Ashana" Dranda's bakery "Achababa". The essence of the action - with the purchase of any baked product of Dranda's bakery "AchaBaba" in stores of the republic, 20 cents will be donated to the fund "Ashana" in the treatment of sick children. Dranda's Bakery shares with "Buying - help" is listed on the fund 13,955 rubles. Action "buy and help" continues. We hope that in the new year and other commercial and public enterprises take the example of Abkhazia "Dranda's bakery", will make a rapid move towards the social responsibility of the company. October 22, "Botanical Garden" Sukhum Municipal Committee of Youth affairs and of Sukhum organized a charity show, fashion show. The program - three new catwalk collections in traditional style, a charity auction, a small concert and reception. Since the auction was generated - 111 000 rubles. In "Money bank of good" fund received 1700 rubles. All proceeds within pm, 112 thousand 700 rubles. penny has been listed on the treatment of eight ward fund "Ashana" with the diagnosis - cerebral palsy - Anrik Argun, who along with his parents attended the event organized in support of it. Anrik now awaiting an invitation to a hospital to undergo treatment at the Moscow Institute of Medical Technology.

November 13on initiative of CCF "Ashana" World Kindness Day was celebrated in Abkhazia. "The lesson of good" this year was held in almost all the schools in Abkhazia.

Conducted its foundation staff, volunteers, teachers and pupils. The World Day of kindness was joined not only by children but also adults. Akua Foundation in conjunction with the public of town, planted trees on the waterfront Muhajirs. Employees of enterprises of the republic transfers funds for its work one day for treatment of sick children. Schoolchildren, students, kindergartens put piggy bank, collect the amount transferred to the fund for the treatment of children. By combining all over the country during the World Day of Kindness Fund "Ashana" received 710,508 rubles, which were transferred to the treatment wards Fund.

December 4th successfully was held a charity festival "Children for Children" in support of cultural and charity fund "Ashana". The festival was organized by the Sukhum State Musical College A. Ch. Chichba with the support of the State Chamber Orchestra of the Republic of Abkhazia, the Abkhaz State Philharmonic, as well as information partner of the festival of "A-mobile" For the first time the young musicians were able to give the audience not only their talent and skills, but also to save someone's life. As part of the charity festival tickets were sold for the sum of 151 thousand 500 rubles. The entire amount transferred to the CCF "Ashana" in the treatment of sick children.

And quick facts. For 2014 within the "Save Life Together" was collected 8.5 million. Rubles for treatments of 22 children. 10 of them have received qualified treatment. 12 wards expect invitations to the hospital clinic in the near future. We will write about them later. All this is possible thanks to each of you! For more information about the Fund and the Trust about where your money is gone, you can look at the website of the fund

Year ended before the New Year is traditionally the Campaign Fund "Become a Santa Claus" As in previous years, this year the activity of the population was high and brought great joy and faith in Christmas Miracle of our wards, which are very badly in need!

Thank you, dear citizens for your initiatives and activity in 2014. Thank you for your warm heart, boundless energy and a desire to do good deeds! Only thanks to you, we have the following results in the past year. And we are glad to try.

Let the New 2015 compassionate people in our Republic will become more and sick children - less! Together - we can do more!




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