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JAM NEWS: Interview with Paata Zakareishvili on Georgian-Abkhazian Conflict & Negotiations (Video)

Shevardnadze and Ardzinba in Tbilisi

Eduard Shevardnadze (left) and Vladislav Ardzinba in Tbilisi (1997).

In an interview hosted by JAM NEWS, Badri Belkaniya and conflictologist Paata Zakareishvili present an exhaustive account of the Georgian-Abkhazian negotiations. This dialogue encompasses crucial elements of the prolonged process, such as the lost opportunity to prevent conflict, the trips to Tbilisi made by Abkhazia's former president Vladislav Ardzinba and ex-prime minister Sergey Shamba, as well as the visit of Georgian representatives to Sukhum.

+ Vladislav Ardzinba's visit to Tbilisi on 14 August 1997
+ 'The Key to the Future' plan and Sergey Shamba's visit to Tbilisi in 2006
+ 'Absence of Will': A commentary




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