People's Peacemaking Perspectives: Georgian–Abkhaz conflict – Policy brief

Publication date: MAR 2012

Source: Conciliation Resources

It's 20 years since the start of the Georgian-Abkhaz war in 1992. At the heart of the conflict, one of a number that accompanied the collapse of the Soviet Union, is a contest between territorial integrity and self-determination.

The conflict has persisted to this day and brings with it insecurity, deep mistrust, long-term displacement and serious constraints on growth and development.

The findings and recommendations in this brief draw on participatory research from 2010 and 2011 with people directly affected by the conflict. A wide range of people (including marginalised groups) gave their opinion and, in group discussions in seven location spanning the conflict divide, reflected on the European Union's response.

The full text in PDF can be downloaded by clicking here (264 KB)




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