Notes on Abkhazia and Georgia (1918–1921), by Alexander Demyanov

 Alexander Demyanov

Notes on Abkhazia and Georgia (1918–1921), by A. A. DemyanovЗаписки об Абхазии и Грузии (1918–1921 гг.)
Notes on Abkhazia and Georgia (1918–1921)
Author: Alexander Demyanov
Compiled by: Stanislav Lakoba
Year: 2021
Place of Publication: Sukhum / Aqw'a
Published by: Press House
Number of pages: 180
Language: Russian

The memoir "In Abkhazia and the Georgian Socialist Republic" was written by the prominent political figure and statesman, Alexander Alekseevich Demyanov. Demyanov was a deputy of the II State Duma (1907), a renowned lawyer, and head of the Ministry of Justice of the Provisional Government (1917). After the Bolshevik takeover, he relocated to the Caucasus and resided in Sukhum where he practiced law, was elected a deputy of the Abkhaz People's Council, and advocated for the interests of Abkhazia. He criticized the policy of the Georgian Democratic Republic towards the multicultural region, which led to his arrest. These memoirs, written 100 years ago, are now available for publication in the State Archives of the Russian Federation, offering valuable historical insights from a participant of significant events in the Transcaucasus and Russia.

The full book in PDF can be downloaded by clicking here (900 KB)

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