Our Vladislav, by K. Khagba & B. Zantaria

Our Vladislav, by K. Khagba & B. Zantaria

Project author: K. Khagba
Compiled by:V. Zantariya
Place of Publication:Sukhum
Number of pages:208
Language: Abkhazian / Russian

Наш Владислав
Автор проекта: К. Хагба
Составитель: В. Зантариа
Место издания:Сухум
Год издания:2010
Количество страниц:208 c.

The full book in PDF can be downloaded by clicking here (3.95 MB)

The book "Our Vladislav" includes excerpts from speeches, interviews, discussions, and individual statements by the founder of modern Abkhazia, prominent statesman, outstanding scholar, academician, national leader and Hero of Abkhazia V. Ardzinba. The book also includes reflections by Abkhaz and foreign public figures, politicians, journalists, intellectuals, veterans of the national liberation movement and the 1992-1993 Fatherland War about the great son of the Abkhaz people. The collection contains numerous reviews of photo exhibits about the life and work of the First President of the young republic.

The section "Poetic lines about Vladislav" offers readers poems about the recognized national leader. This book reproduces some texts and pictures from the books: "The Ardzinba Era," Istanbul, 2009 (author/compiler Gennady Alamia), and "A Word about the First President," Sukhum, 2008 (author/compiler Vladimir Zantaria) and press materials.

This book was prepared for publication to mark Vladislav Ardzinba's 65th birthday on May 14, 2010, but, unfortunately it was published only after his death on March 4, 2010. It therefore includes excerpts from publications and materials about VG Ardzinba that appeared in the press and electronic media not only during his lifetime, but immediately after his death..




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