A Dictionary of Common Abkhaz, by Viacheslav Chirikba

A Dictionary of Common Abkhaz, by Viacheslav ChirikbaAuthor: Viacheslav Chirikba

Year: 1996

Place of Publication: Leiden

Number of Pages: 126

The full book in PDF can be downloaded by clicking here (17.8 MB)

The present Common Abkhaz Dictionary is a counterpart to A.H. Kuipers’ Proto-Circassian Dictionary (1975); its publication will, it is hoped, facilitate West Caucasian comparative research. As many dialect materials are present in the dictionary, it also is the first comprehensive dictionary of the Abkhaz dialects. The (Khaltsys and Tswydzhy) Sadz, Ahchypsy and Tsabal lexical data were never published before. The analytical notation which separates morphemes in both reconstructed and contemporary forms, will help the students of Abkhaz to rightly analyse the Abkhaz lexemes. At the same time, the dictionary provides etymologies for many Abkhaz words. From the Introduction.




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