Murat Kabardokov and Klever Quartet to Premiere at Abkhazian Philharmonic

Murat Kabardokov

Murat Kabardokov

SUKHUM / AQW'A ― On December 1st, the Abkhazian audience will be introduced to the music of Murat Kabardokov – a young, successful composer, winner of the "Partitura" composers' contest (2020), People's Artist of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, and Honoured Art Worker of Adygea.

"In my composition process, my consciousness is completely open to any kind of music. I don't consider myself strictly an academic or classical composer. I am simply a composer," shared Kabardokov in an interview with the magazine "Musical Life" in December 2021.

Murat's work is not limited to classical pieces, including operas and ballets; he also composes music for plays and films. One of his most renowned works is the soundtrack for the film "Francofonia" by legendary director Alexander Sokurov.

Murat Kabardokov and Klever Quartet "Uezy Murat" (based on Circassian folk melody)

Kabardokov's music is characterized by a combination of high professionalism and bold creative experimentation, giving it a contemporary sound. "Sokurov taught me that there should be no creative limits," says Kabardokov.

Of particular interest are Kabardokov's arrangements and fantasies on themes of folk melodies from various cultures, which will also be featured in the concert.

Joining Kabardokov will be the Klever Quartet from Saint Petersburg. The musicians have recorded dozens of albums and soundtracks for various films and plays and are laureates of international competitions. The quartet represented Russia at the prestigious Vibre String Quartet Festival in Bordeaux (France 2022)."




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