Memory of those killed in the March offensive operation was honored in the Park of Glory in Sukhum

The ceremony of laying flowers at the Memorial to the victims of 1992-1993 War of Abkhazia was held on the day of 25th anniversary of the March offensive operation in the Park of Glory, Sukhum.

SUKHUM -- President of Abkhazia Raul Khajimba, RA Prime Minister Beslan Bartsits, Vice President Vitaly Gabniya, Speaker of the People's Assembly of Parliament Valery Kvarchia, parliamentarians, Government representatives, military, scientific and cultural figures of the country, citizens, paid tribute to the victims of Patriotic War of Abkhazia in the Park of Glory.

Veteran of the War of Abkhazia John Gularia shared with Apsnypress the memories of those tragic days: "Indeed, it was a very large-scale offensive, involving great forces and capabilities of the Abkhaz people. Unfortunately, we have made certain tactical mistakes. The thirst to return our capital was so great that the offensive went almost powerful! Despite that bitterly cold month of March, crossing over the icy water, the Abkhaz warriors went on the attack, but failed. However, it showed us how to fight. And just after a couple of months, considering all the mistakes, we still managed to free Sukhum, and then the Motherland! "




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