Museum of Military Glory Honours Fallen Soldiers of March Offensive Operation

Tamara Avidzba, the mother of five sons, lost four of them in the 1992-93 Georgian-Abkhaz War.

Tamara Avidzba, the mother of five sons, lost four of them in the 1992-93 Georgian-Abkhaz War.

SUKHUM / AQW'A  ― The Museum of Military Glory, named after Vladislav Ardzinba, held commemorative events on Wednesday, March 15, to honour the 30th anniversary of the March offensive operation.

The museum opened an exhibition of photographs featuring fallen soldiers who participated in the March operation to liberate the capital, Sukhum. The museum director, Mzia Beya, paid tribute to the memory of the fallen soldiers by showcasing their photographs and sharing stories of their heroic deeds. A minute of silence was observed to honour their sacrifice.

The evening was hosted by Narsou Abukhba, who presented a chronicle of the March offensive operation.

Deputy head of Sukhum Administration, Avtandil Surmanidze, expressed his deep condolences to the families of the fallen soldiers and recounted the tragic events of 30 years ago. He said that the forces were unequal, but the Abkhaz fighters did everything possible to liberate their hometown. The enemy suffered heavy losses, and tanks were destroyed. However, despite their bravery, the Abkhaz fighters had to eventually retreated. Surmanidze stated that 222 fighters died, many went missing, and the search for their remains continues to this day. Surmanidze expressed his confidence that the younger generation will not forget their history and that unity, respect, and love will help Abkhazia overcome any challenges it may face in the future.

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According to Surmanidze, the current situation in the world remains difficult, and there are still factions in Georgia that seek to retake Abkhazia through military means. "Therefore, what we need now is unity, mutual respect, and love. If we have these, then victory will always be on the side of Abkhazia," Avtandil Surmanidze concluded.

The evening continued with a video chronicle of the March days of 1993 titled "Pain Overcome Mothers", presented by the Chairman of the Union of Journalists of Abkhazia, Ruslan Khashig. The video showcased a meeting in Gudauta with the parents of the dead fighters, which was filmed on March 25, 1993.

Doctor of Philology Lily Khagba and Secretary of the Security Council Sergei Shamba also spoke at the memorial evening, and a video message was sent by the Hero of Abkhazia Beslan Kobakhia.

Today, also the city school pupils in Gudauta commemorated the victims of the March offensive operation in 1993 by lighting 222 candles. The schoolchildren walked through the main streets of the city center holding lit candles and paid their respects at the monument installed on Heroes Avenue to honour the defenders of their motherland.

Another event was at the Abkhaz State Drama Theater. To honour the 30th anniversary of the March offensive operation of the Abkhazian army, a photo exhibition has opened in the lobby of the Abkhaz State Drama Theater. The exhibition showcases photographs of the heroes of the March Offensive taken by the renowned military photojournalist, Vitaly Ketsba.




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