Comprehensive Reconstruction of Sukhum International Airport Agreed Upon

SUKHUM / AQW'A — On 27th October, an agreement was finalised for the comprehensive reconstruction of the Sukhum Airport, named after Vladislav Ardzinba. This event was marked by the presence of President Aslan Bzhania, as announced by the state's press service.

The Government of the Republic of Abkhazia and Infrastructural Development LLC entered into a public-private partnership agreement, with the primary aim being the restoration of the Sukhum International Airport's property complex and the resumption of air traffic.

This agreement came to fruition following a tender organised by both the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Abkhazia, with the goal of selecting an investor.

Under this agreement, the aerodrome's operational suitability will be revitalised. Significant reconstruction includes the overhaul of a 3,100-metre-long and 45-metre-wide runway, enabling the accommodation of modern aircraft.

Furthermore, plans are underway to equip the runway with instrumental approach equipment, an ICAO Category 1 lighting and signalling system, reconstruct the taxiway, expand the passenger apron, and introduce an additional apron section for extra aircraft.

Further developments envisage the establishment of a new rescue station, an efficient drainage system, treatment facilities, an aircraft de-icing site, and other amenities as per international standards. A brand-new passenger terminal is in the pipeline, with the iconic airport building also set for refurbishment. The revamped terminal is projected to cater to 1,300 passengers per hour, while the historical building will serve officials and delegations.

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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy, Kristina Ozgan, remarked, "The revival of the airport's operations is pivotal for the Republic of Abkhazia. Today's partnership agreement outlines the specifics, financing, and future management of the modernisation and reconstruction process. Despite retaining state ownership of key assets, we anticipate collaborative efforts to bring this project to fruition."

Rashid Nurgaliyev, the proprietor of Infrastructural Development LLC, expressed gratitude to the Republic of Abkhazia's leadership for endorsing their airport modernization proposition. Highlighting the escalating tourist interest in Abkhazia's resorts, he emphasised the airport's potential role in enhancing travel convenience.

Sergey Gribkov, Director General of Infrastructural Development LLC, iterated their commitment to the project, with immediate focus on restoring the aerodrome, enhancing the apron, taxiways, and runway, and integrating cutting-edge lighting and signalling systems. He assured that the newly designed airport would significantly uplift the travel experience for tourists and residents alike.

Dignitaries present during the signing ceremony included Vice President Badra Gunba, Prime Minister Alexander Ankvab, Parliament Speaker Lasha Ashuba, Presidential Administration Head Abesalom Kvarchia, and Deputy Prime Minister Kristina Ozgan.




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