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The official tourism website of the Republic of Abkhazia starts on the exclusive publication of "The Journal of Naturalist ". At the other end of the world, to far-off Amazonian region started on his journey the Doctor of Philosophy, the Candidate of biosciences, the Head of department of Ecology of Abkhazian State University, the Chairman of the Committee of Ecology and Nature management - Roman Dbar.

During several weeks, the scientist-entomologist and the chief ecologist of Abkhazia will overpass on trains, planes, cars and steamboats the route of several hundred thousand kilometers, he will cross the Atlantic Ocean, will visit several capitals of the world and will touch the unique natural world of the world's largest Pantanal National Park, situated on the world's largest wetland.

For the first time a scientist from Abkhazia will visit Ecuador on the Galapagos Islands, where in 1837 conducted his researches Charles Darwin, making circumnavigation aboard the "Beagle", will -meet with Latin- American colleagues in Rio de Janeiro, will rise to the Amazon, the longest after the Nile river in the world, and will be engaged in research in the national park, located within the three countries - Brazil, Paraguay and Bolivia.

The ecologist of Abkhazia as the initiator of creation of national parks in Abkhazia became a member of the international environmental expeditions, whose task is in-depth study of international experience in organization and the work of environmental zones.

In spite of the interesting observations of the flora and fauna in natural conditions, Roman Dbar will see with his own eyes the methods and principles of work in the world's largest conservation areas and national parks, as well as the ways of regulation and organization of eco-tourism, the global leader of which are countries of Central and South America. This knowledge is essential for Abkhazia for organization in our country of national parks and eco-tourism development.

As you know, nowadays there are several environmental zones in Abkhazia: the Ritsa-Auadkhara National Park, Pskhu-Gumista and Pitsunda-Myussera reserves. The total area of all protected areas is not less than 10% of the country, and this factor is one of the highest in the world.

Roman Dbar is kindly agreed to send us his travel notes from all over the world. It's not only the notes of naturalist and ecologist, but also the witty articles and curious observation of traveler. We will publish these "live" experiences in real time. So, the journey started, we want to open the journal of naturalist.

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