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"We, Abkhazians, know how to make fun of our way of life"
Akhra Aristava: "First recognition, and then trade and economic relations"
Said Gezerdava: "This is a Public Threat Against the Abkhazian Society"
“Why go along with the proposals of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, rather than one’s own?”
Alkhas Argun: “It’s just disgusting, I can’t call it anything else!”
Aslan Bartsits: "There will be killings, people will be physically destroyed for a piece of land"
Larisa Tarba: "The land of Apsny is not for sale and will not be transferred"
Said Gezerdava: "Abkhazia’s position in the union state will be very vulnerable"
Inar Gitsba: "The Diaspora is closely following the events in Abkhazia"
Thirty Years' War. How the Georgian-Abkhazian war changed history, and history changed the war
Said Gezerdaa: "The agreement on Pitsunda is one of the steps towards the erosion of state-sovereignty"
Stanislav Lakoba: "If Yeltsin had been opposed, the war in Abkhazia would not have started"
Levan Mikaa: "It is important to preserve our sovereignty"
Traditional drink: head of the Union of Wine-makers of Abkhazia on the development of the industry
Maxim Gvindzhia: "We must knock on all doors"
Alexander Demyanov's notes: the Georgian-Abkhazian spiral
Astamur Logua: "There was a meeting even with several members of the ruling party in Turkey"
Stanislav Lakoba - about "white spots" in the history of Abkhazia of the last century
Stanislav Lakoba: "Sakharov had an interest in Abkhazia through Iskander"
Can Abkhazian society be called religious?
Natella Akaba: "People in Abkhazia have absolutely no understanding of the concept of 'gender'"
Interview with George Hewitt (August 1989)
"Surprise" for Shevardnadze: Results of the 1992 Moscow Agreement
"If the government of Georgia were to send just one signal"
Interview with Vicken Cheterian on Karabakh War and the Conflicts in the Caucasus
Daur Kove: on his grandfather, a star of the Abkhaz scene and a victim of the political repressions
Interview with Natella Akaba on Amendments to the Constitution
Amina Anshba on immediate plans: all hope for the beginning of 2021
Sergey Shamba: 'It is impossible to live in enmity all the time'
Border-opening and health-care in Abkhazia: interview with Tamaz Tsakhnakia



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