The Architecture of Sukhum at the turn of the XIX-XXth centuries, by Anzor Agumaa

Old Sukhum: The Architecture of Sukhum at the turn of the XIX-XXth centuries.
Author: Anzor S. Agumaa
Year: 2016
Place of Publication: Sukhum, Abkhazia
Publisher: Abgosizdat [Abkhazian State Publishing-house]
Number of Pages: 304. 400 illustrations.
Language: Russian

А. С. Агумаа
Старый Сухум
Архитектура Сухума на рубеже ХIХ—ХХ вв.
Сухум: Абгосиздат, 2016.
304 с., илл. 400. Тираж 1000.
Научный редактор — акад. АНА, д-р. ист. н. О. X. Бгажба

Ministry of Culture and for the Protection of Historico-Cultural Heritage; Fund of the First President of the Republic of Abkhazia. 

Scientific Editor – Fellow of the Abkhazian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Historical Sciences, O. Kh. Bgazhba

The book is devoted to the town-planning of the capital of Abkhazia, namely the city of Sukhum, the history of which amounts to more than two and a half millennia. The history of the urban development of Sukhum in the XIX-early XXth centuries is of great artistic and scientific interest. The book describes the history of more than a hundred of Sukhum’s buildings – objects of urban development of the city, mostly of civil architecture. Additionally presented here is the history of the creation of parks, gardens and squares of the city, religious buildings, industrial structures, schools, sanatoria and resort-facilities, of both public and private construction. The author touches on the theme of architectural styles, as well as on the creators and users of the town-planning architecture of Sukhum during the said period. Each of the objects is provided with an illustration and textual commentary.

The book is intended for a wide range of readers, historians, architects, students, journalists and just fans of the history of Abkhazia, in particular that of Sukhum.

The author of the book about old Sukhum, Anzor Aguma, was a famous historian, archaeologist and artist, who devoted his life to the study of his native city. It would be difficult to find a person today with better knowledge of the life of Sukhum and of its inhabitants who lived here many years ago. The author collected over the course of 30 years extensive material on the history, culture and social life of the city. The book offered to the reader is but a small part of this unpublished research.

The full book in PDF can be downloaded by clicking here (24.2 MB)

The Architecture of Sukhum - Late 19th to early 20th century
Author: Anzor Agumaa
Year: 1999
Place of Publication: Sukhum, Abkhazia
Publisher: Sukhum Society of Abkhaz History and Culture
Number of Pages: 72
Language: English 

The full book in PDF can be downloaded by clicking here (6.78 MB)

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  • Abkhazia Hotel 24
  • Agudzera Sanatorium 50
  • Aloizi villa 39
  • Azovsko-Donskoi Commercial Bank 43
  • Azra Sanatorium 27
  • Bishop's House 66
  • Dr Koshko's Sanatorium 26
  • Dr Meerovich's Sanatorium 25
  • Electricity Company 58
  • Ellada Hotel 64
  • Engineer Alexander Dal's House 22
  • Europe Hotel and shopping center 18
  • German Church 17
  • Girls Gymnasium school 55
  • Grand Hotel and Aloizi theater 62
  • Gulripsh Sanatorium 49
  • Gulripsh-2 Sanatorium 51
  • High School and teacher training college 38
  • Highlander School 16
  • Indo-European Telegraph Office 21
  • Ksandopulo Brothers House 36
  • Laptev's dacha 60
  • Mir Tobacco company 59
  • Oriental Hotel 44
  • Palkovnik Averkiev villa 35
  • Polish Roman Catholic Church 23
  • Prince AG Chachba's villa 31
  • Prince GD Chachba's dacha 30
  • Prince GM Chachba's villa 32
  • Professor Ostroumov's dacha 19
  • Professor Ostroumov's Hospital 20
  • Real Grammar School 37
  • Riviera Hotel 52
  • Russia Hotel 29
  • Russian Orthodox Convent 61
  • Russian Steamship and trade company 34
  • Samuridi's theater and Nauki 1 Zhizn cinema 67
  • Samuridi's Villa 28
  • San Remo Hotel 40
  • Serebriannikov's dacha 45
  • Sinop dacha 69
  • Sinop dacha of Prince AN Ramanov 68
  • Smetskoi's dacha and subtropical garden 47
  • Stephanidi residence 46
  • Sukhum Cathedral 65
  • Sukhum Mutual Credit Company 56
  • Telegraph and Post Office 54
  • Yanovsky's villa 42




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